More and more open areas are being close across the country to keep people from spreading the Corona Virus. This may be a small inconvenience to avoid a huge one. So let’s do our part and get it wiped out asap.

Note from Nevadas BLM.

The Sand Mountain Recreation Area is temporarily closed until further notice.

The public may continue to enjoy BLM managed public lands in other areas within the Carson City District while following the CDC’s guidance. The health and safety of staff and visitors in these facilities is our number one priority. We continue to remind our visitors to follow the CDC’s guidance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including maintaining social distancing, covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and staying home if you feel sick. Visitors are encouraged to “pack it in and pack it out” as future trash removal may be limited due to limited staff availability in some areas.

The sun is setting on Dune recreation for the near future in the U.S.

Where to ride the tallest dunes.

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