— It’s called the R2S2 —

SuperATV is a company in Indiana that makes all kinds of products for ATVs and UTVs. They also sell items made by other companies such as axles, tires and electronics. Their team of engineers were very impressed with the Polaris RS1 when it first rolled into their shop. They couldn’t wait to design and test new products to make it even better. Being able to climb the hills of Indiana better made them consider stretching its wheelbase, and then they said, “Hey, why not turn it into a a 2-seater.” Instead of a side-by-side though, their 2-seater would be passenger behind the driver, kind of like a fighter jet.

To begin their project they took a stock Polaris RS1 and stripped it down to the basics. Then they had to determine where to cut the frame and cage to lengthen it. Before doing so they had to detach the driveshaft going to the front axles, along with the shifter cables and wiring.

At this point they had to figure out how much space the passenger would need to fit comfortably. They figured on about 30 inches which caused the stock 83 inch wheelbase to stretch out to 114 inches. From there they had to engineer steel tube placement to make the frame strong enough.

For the longer driveshaft they ordered up a custom length Rhino Driveline Bounty Series Prop Shaft, which is a brand they sell, and used their own self-aligning carrier bearings. Getting a longer shifter cable was just a matter of ordering that too.

SuperATV decided that it only needed doors on the left side, so on the right side they made the frame come up higher for added strength. They located the cross brace at a point to be a perfect grab handle for the passenger. Getting the wiring lengthen and hooked up was next.

A long piece of sheet metal was shaped to be the body panel on the right side. For the left side two separate doors were fabricated. They also used their suspension arms to make it wider and corner better. New bumpers were fabricated as well.

To give their R2S2 a special look SuperATV had a cool wrap designed and installed. No reason why it shouldn’t look fast while going fast.

Of course, they also had to have custom seats designed up along with a performance seat belt system. How often do you see a photo like this with one passenger seat behind one driver’s seat? Like we said, it’s normally seen when looking in the cockpit of a fighter jet. “Maverick to the tower, requesting a fly by.”









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