— For 2018 Polaris is putting “Smart Suspension” on their top performance model RZR Turbo. Here’s what they had to say about it:

RZR® DYNAMIX™ – The First, Intelligent Suspension System
for Off-Road

RZR® DYNAMIX™ is the future of ride and handling. It’s the world’s first intelligent suspension system designed specifically for off-road, because it’s the only suspension that adjusts on-the-fly to provide the best ride at every moment. The system includes sophisticated sensors continuously monitoring seven vehicle inputs to make adjustments – 200 times a second– to optimize the ride. Whether the vehicle is cornering, braking, accelerating, at speed or airborne, the system adjusts the suspension for the best response to the current driver inputs and terrain. These continuous changes give riders a more comfortable and more confident riding experience.

RZR DYNAMIX’s real-time adjustments come to life through the revolutionary RIDE COMMAND® system. The glove-touch, weather-resistant, 7” display continuously indicates the suspension control system status – including compression dampening, selected mode, g-force, pedal position, steering angle, brake status and diagnostics – allowing riders to visualize the real-time control.

In addition to the real-time adjustments by the system, riders can adjust the suspension ride modes via a switch on the dashboard, choosing from three suspension settings:

  • COMFORT; sets the suspension in the softest setting for the plushest ride
  • SPORT; for the ultimate performance and high-speed handling
  • FIRM; locks the suspension into maximum compression dampening for the most extreme riding conditions.








RZR DYNAMIX is available exclusively on the premium, two-seat RZR XP Turbo EPS DYNAMIX Edition. The vehicle also features the RIDE COMMAND 7” display with rear camera.

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