— Assault Industries introduces the 350R —

Assault Press Release: The 350R Suede steering wheels are 20mm larger than the Tomahawk and Ballistic D wheels and has a depth of 60mm. The steering wheel features a thicker, more robust grip and is contoured for comfort and control. The 2-toned 350R steering wheel is crafted from genuine black suede with gray leather and stitching.

An Assault Industries logo is embroidered in the grip with the same gray stitching. The center plate features a laser cut base that offsets the black top plate from the black steering wheel frame and black suede. These steering wheels have superior rigidity and strength compared to the OEM wheels and offer a more premium feel. These wheels are currently in stock and start at $179.99.

To learn more about this great product or to place an order, visit, call (714) 799-6711 or email [email protected]


Assault Industries
(714) 799-6711

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