Dear Sarge,

I have a brand new 2020 RZR. I was out on my first ride to break her in and it seemed like the brakes are just not there. New brakes-no stopping power! The pedal is firm and not soft but there isn’t much brake force. At anything above 10 mph downhill, I can’t lock the tires! The Dealer’s Service Department says the brakes just need to be broken in. Sarge, I can understand some reduction in brake force when brand new, but I just can’t see my brakes not locking the wheels!

Cindy Simpson

Mackay, Idaho

Well Private Bart, I agree with you, no matter how little the pads are touching the discs, you should have enough braking power to lock the brakes at 10 mph! My first thought is pad or disc contamination caused by poor Dealer prep. Requisition a Scotch Brite green pad, some contact or brake cleaner, a block of wood and some fine sandpaper. Remove the calipers from each disc and wipe down the discs with the green pad saturated with the cleaner. Then remove the pads and give them a good cleaning too with the contact or brake cleaner. Then use the block of wood as a sanding block and, on each pad, expose a new clean surface. Spray the pads down again with the contact or brake cleaner and let them dry before reassembly. Assuming you told Sarge the truth and the brake pedal was firm; your braking force will be increased measurably. And with the proper break in, you should have full braking force restored. Present your receipts for the cleaning products to the Dealers Service Department and tell them you did their job for them and demand restitution! Dismissed!


Poor brake performance is often caused by worn brake parts or brake system problems, but new brake parts can perform poorly if they are mistreated. New brake rotors may have a surface coating which should be removed with a clean shop rag and brake cleaner before the rotors are installed. When new brake rotors or pads are installed a brief break in period is needed to help the brake parts mate properly and provide full stopping power. Break in can be done with numerous light applications of the brakes during a 20 mile ride on mild terrain. Allow the brakes to to cool between each application. Hard braking with new, unseated brake pads can glaze the pads, greatly reducing brake power and feel.


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