After the recent election, voters approved a new OHV legal dune access route from the Northern tip of the Coos Bay Dunes at the Spinreel Campground, into the town of Lakeside, Oregon. From the dunes, the route is; North on Spinreel Rd under Highway 1 where it turns into Wildwood Drive. From there you are allowed to turn right on Airport Way and then right again on South 8th Street. From there you can turn left on Park and go as far as Tenmile Lake County Park.


The new dune access route gives you access to Ringo’s Marina, Wulfy beach, McKays market, Tenmile Grub Lakeside Cafe, Lakeshore Lodge, and the Coffee Spot, Do It Best Hardware and Oregon Trailers. The area is also known for the dense forest trails inside the Elliot State Forest OHV system. With this news Lakeside may become the new hot spot for off-roaders wanting to ride sand or trails. Read more about where to camp and ride in the Oregon Dune Recreation HERE.

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