New Elite Polaris RZR XPTurbo S Suspension From HCR

To take the already impressive RZR XP Turbo S one step further, HCR developed an American – made product which is lighter, leaner and meaner to compliment the aggression of the new model. This kit follows HCR’s blueprint of quality manufacturing, craftsmanship, unmistakable design and distinguishing features which result in a product deserving of the HCR badge.


In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow HCR to immediately start design and reverse engineering the moment a new model is released. The factory design is improved by adding pocketing and internal structure to increase strength and durability while eliminating weight.  The HCR signature High Clearance A Arm and trailing arm design increase ground clearance under key components.  Caster / Camber settings have been embedded into the design of the suspension to eliminate the need for adjustment heims, and allow for stronger contact points.


  • Fiber Laser Cut construction for precise fit and finish
  • CNC’d 4130 heat treated billet mounting points for increased integrity
  • Angled catacomb design for optimal force distribution
  • High Clearance Boxed A-Arm Design
  • hand TIG welded for strength and aesthetics
  • OEM ball joints are reused to maximize low speed steering, ease & smooth travel with less maintenance
  • Uniball Option available for racing & short course applications
  • Compatible with factory wheels
  • 100% Bolt-on installation using factory mounting points
  • Elite system 20 pounds lighter than factory componentry

Stock Weights (lbs) HCR Weights (lbs)
Front Upper 14 11.4
Front Lower 9.8 8.9
Trailing Arm 27.25 20
Total 102.10 80.6


The new Turbo S, along with HCR’s complete line of suspension systems, is manufacturing using HCR Elite Material. This proprietary material boasts 30% stronger tensile and yield strength compared to 4130 series chromoly. The material goes through several processes and is hardened for better wear resistance and overall strength.
An intensive process is used during each design to simulate and refine the geometry to match the characteristics of the stock suspension. Critical measurements are verified, such as ball joint angle, CV joint angle, and clearance to surrounding parts to ensure no binding or interference.
The quality fit and finish, ease of installation, and top shelf performance of these kits are what sets HCR Racing apart from the competition. Through intensive craftsmanship, meticulous precision and BOLD Aesthetics, we strive to make HCR your #1 Choice.

ELITE TURBO S OEM KIT      RZR-06200            MSRP: $3,750

HD RACE LINKS               RZR-05309            MSRP: $599


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