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After a year off the schedule in California, the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa kicked off dune and West Coast off-road riding season just like old times. The vendors were there in force showcasing their latest equipment, as well as giving deals on older items. We cruised the show Friday and Sunday, avoiding the huge Saturday crowds, and saw many new products you need to know about.

The turbo from S&S Cycle under the bodywork of Jeremy McGrath’s KRX is no secret, but it is sort of hidden. We drove it and it works great. See more at


ARP has expanded their line of fasteners from their original UTV wheel studs. Their A-arm, shock bolts and lug nuts are stronger than stock and will prevent failure. Call them at (805) 339-2200 to fix your ride.


SuperATV always makes an impact at the Sand Sports Show with their amazing mud machines. The West Coast fans don’t get a chance to see them very often, so it’s a nice treat. Buy mud and or high-performance parts from them at


SuperATV is about to debut a new sand tire called the Sand Cat. Look for its prints in the dunes this season. To get your paws on them, call (855) 743-3427


Crawl Force was showcasing a TWO-speed crawl box for the YXZ1000. It sells for $5000. Look for a test of this product soon. If you can’t wait that long, call (951) 796-9295 or visit


Convincing your wife to let you buy a new UTV might go a bit easier if her seat has a print that she likes. BS Sand Seats has the custom look at


The flashiest bone-stock machine at the show had to be the new Troy Lee Designs Edition General XP. We think the 700 produced vehicles were sold out in the first week. Sorry.


ZBroz is coming on strong in the UTV world. They are bringing their Exit brand shocks into the desert and dunes. Don’t have a big budget? They can set you up with a spring kit that will help cushion the ride as well. Give them a call at (435) 753-7774 or visit


Heretic Studios offers unique LED options, as well as cool ways to mount them. See all they have to offer at


In the sea of helmet offerings PCI Radios has, we want to highlight their latest, DOT, pre-wired, mid-air pumper helmet. It’s the SportMax from Pyrotect and it sells for $324.99 at


This year we saw a trend of brighter colors that were very reminiscent of the early 1980s and mid 1990s. If you want custom wheels in any color combo imaginable, call OMF Performance at (951) 354-8272.


PCI also carries our favorite, run-in-any-brand-car GPS unit, the Garmin Tread. You can use it to track your buddies as long as they have a unit as well. Just in case, buy two through


One of the easiest ways to add sound to any ride is by installing a sound bar. The PowerBass XL-650 ( costs less than a dollar per watt. It can mount to any roll bar tube, wires direct to the battery and gets music via Bluetooth from your phone.


Assault Industries was displaying new and prototype parts at the show. The CVT vent is going to be a big hit this season in the dunes. Just say no to broken belts!


Jamar, a famous name in the off-road buggy world, has brought their experience to the four corners of your UTV. Their big brake kits and wheel hubs are just the beginning of what they can improve for you. See more at


The new Assault Industries Pro XP trunk fits under their spare tire mount and keeps all of your cargo warm and cozy. See everything and shop at


Roam Adventure gear is hitting the UTV space hard with a complete line of cargo solutions. This 83L case also comes in tan, dark green and grey. Check them out online at


The KMC booth was the place to be no matter what kind of riding or racing you are into. Your truck can be shod with KMC dubs as well. Check out


The Task trailer is unique, as its low tire pockets allow you to keep your car on the trailer and still fit it in some garage spaces. They are heavy duty, and don’t worry about scraping the pavement, as the axle is still the lowest point under the trailer. See


Sector Seven’s latest lighted mirror, the Sawtooth, incorporates a turn signal for $879.95 per pair. See more of their innovative products here:


Have you ever wondered what to do with kids falling asleep in a passenger seat of your UTV? Helmet Hands’ elastic straps wrap around the back of their seat, then grip both sides of the helmet at the goggle port, propping their heads up. Shop at or in the swag section of


Eibach keeps expanding their line of UTV sway bars and spring kits. These guys know springs and suspension better than some shock companies. Visit


Lots of simple solutions are coming out of the Matrix Off-Road shop in Corona, California. From these clamp-on harness holders and proper passenger grab handles to X3 oil-drain funnels and sano radio mounts, they can help you out. Call them at (928) 208-0996. is bringing horsepower numbers to the next level. From small tunes to big turbo kits and complete engine builds, if you want reliable power increases, they have it. is their clutching partner who gets that power to the ground.


For CST, it’s not just dune season, it’s riding season, and they have all terrains covered. Visit


S&S Cycle has stock replacement and race exhaust systems, as well as turbo kits for a growing number of UTVs. Listen to them at
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