Can-Am stunned the turbo UTV market with its two-seat, 154-horsepower Maverick X3 trilogy, and now the earth-born fighter jets are available in four-seat configuration with the all-new Maverick X3 Max, X ds Max and X rs Max Turbos. Like the two-seat versions, the X3 Max and X3 X ds Max Turbo R have a 64-inch width, while the X3 X rs Max stretches to 72 inches wide with a whopping 22 inches of wheel travel. Also, like the two-seat X3 line, all three X3 Max Turbos have adjustable rear Ergo-Lok seats to preserve sight lines and seamlessly connect two more passengers to the race-inspired vehicle. Ergo-Print seats, angled footrests and naturally positioned rear grab bars give rear passengers the same fighter-jet feel with a low seating position. Rear seats have 2 inches of height adjustment and 4 inches of fore-aft adjustment, while front seats slide 6 inches.

Where the Maverick X3s all sport a 102-inch wheelbase, the stretched X3 Max chassis sports a 135-inch wheelbase, a full 18 inches longer than the competition. The tubular, rigid and lightweight X3 Max chassis has a 44-/56-percent weight distribution with Dual-Phase 980 steel, 1.85-inch-diameter tubes, integrated front bumper and a HMW (high-molecular weight) polyethylene skid plate. All sport a 1.5-turn steering rack with variable-assist EPS and dual-piston calipers squeezing 262mm front and 248mm rear ventilated discs with separate front and rear master cylinders.

The Maverick X3 X ds Max stretches a full 33 inches longer than the two-seat X ds, and all X3s come with LED headlights with LED eyebrows, LED taillights, quarter doors, and RF Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS) with push-button start/stop. Fuel capacity is 10.5 gallons, with the fuel cell sitting in front of the cabin and the filler below the right-front cage upright.



The X3 X rs Max also comes with a full roof and thicker HMW skid plate, along with the boxed front arms that deliver its 72-inch width. Compared to the X3 X rs, the X3 X rs Max is 255 pounds heavier at 1,840 pounds. The top-shelf X3 Max sports 22 inches of front travel with an anti-sway bar and Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 piggyback shocks with Internal ByPass (IBP), dual-stage compression (DSC) and rebound adjustments and dual-rate springs with cross-over rings. Rear shocks are Fox 3.0 RC2 remote-reservoir shocks with IBP, DSC and rebound adjusters, and triple-rate springs with adjustable cross-over rings. Torsional trailing (TTX) arm rear suspension has three link-rods to maintain proper camber during travel. All four corners sport 14-inch aluminum beadlock rims shod with 30-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires. The X3 X rs Max comes in Triple Black or gold and Can-Am Red for $29,099.

While front Ergo-Lok seats have 2 inches of height and 6 inches of fore-aft adjustment, rear seats slide 4 inches and have the same height and tilt options as the front. Check out the center-mount grab bars and padding along the center bar.



The middle Max sports the same 154-horsepower, Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE), 900cc, triple engine as the X rs Max but comes with tubular front A-arms delivering 20 inches of travel with a 64-inch width and a front anti-sway bar. Front and rear Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 piggyback shocks sport DSC and rebound adjustments, plus cross-over rings but no IBP; rear RC2s have Bottom-Out Control (BOC) and a rear anti-sway bar. Dry weight is 1,735 pounds, and ground clearance is 13 inches. The X3 X ds Max comes in Circuit Yellow or Triple Black with black aluminum 14-inch rims and 29-inch Bighorn 2.0s for $27,399.

Dual-phase 980 steel tubes are 1.875 inches in diameter, and the frame is designed for maximum rigidity and light weight. The cage can be cut off in case of a roll-over for replacement.



The base-model X3 Max Turbo R retains the 64-inch width and X ds suspension with dual anti-sway bars and four-link TTX rear suspension with 20 inches of front/rear suspension travel, but it downgrades to Fox 2.5 Podium piggyback shocks with QS3 three-position compression damping only, in addition to adjustable preload and cross-over rings for the dual-rate front and triple-rate rear springs. Black aluminum 14-inch rims sport 28-inch Bighorn 2.0s, with ground clearance of 13 inches. Dry weight is 1,715 pounds, and the LinQ rear rack has a 150-pound capacity. The X3 Max Turbo R only comes in white for $23,999.

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