— Makes your UTV shine as bright as new —

Here’s a tip that dirt bike and quad racers have known about for awhile. This is how they keep their thrashed  machines looking like new when they show up at the next race. They get help from a product from Maxima Racing Oils known as SC1. It comes in a spray can and gives a high gloss coating that is specifically formulated to protect and beautify multiple surfaces such as plastic, vinyl and carbon fiber. Safe for use on plastic, gloss or matte finishes. Excellent for use on plastic fenders, wheel wells and components. Outstanding mud and rubber deflector. Makes the cleaning-up process easier. Can be applied to the surface and left untouched or allowed to setup and buffed to a dry sheen leaving a long-lasting luster without attracting dirt and road debris. It’s water resistant too.

When we use it on our UTVs we buff it on the outside of the fenders, but leave it wet on the inside. This keeps mud and dirt from sticking, or at least it sprays off easier with a water hose after the ride. One word of caution, though. SC1 is so slick you don’t want to get any on your disc rotors or brake pads. We can’t stress this enough. If you feel the need to shine up your wheels with SC1, you must wrap a towel or garbage bag between the wheels and brakes before you spray.

Maxima’s main claim to fame began with their high-performance oils. Along with making some of the best two-stroke premix oil, they used that same expertise to formulate extra protective four-stroke oils too. You can’t go wrong with their SXS Synthetic engine oil for your UTV. It comes in different weights and size containers. The one liter plastic bottle size is $13.95

Maxima’s SXS High-Performance Gear Oil has a robust, shear-stable formulation that is used in side-by-side transmissions and gear cases requiring SAE 90wt gear oil. A one liter bottle is $11.95.

Maxima’s COOL-AIDE is a premixed ready-to-use 50/50 blend of premium quality ethylene glycol based antifreeze and deionized water to provide optimum cooling, water pump lubrication and rust & corrosion protection for all aluminum and magnesium motorcycle, ATV and side-by-side liquid cooled engines. Coolanol also contains anti-foam agents to reduce water pump cavitation and increase cooling capacity. Coolanol 50/50 blend protects from freeze-ups in winter down to -34°F(-37°C). Coolanol also raises your cooling systems boiling point to 265°F(129°C) with a 15 lb. radiator cap. A 64 ounce container sells for $16.95.

Maxima makes sure they have other products that an off-road rider/driver needs. Their list  includes air filter cleaners & oils, brake fluids, suspension fluids, waterproof grease, gas treatments, assembly lube and Bio-Wash cleaners.

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