— Easy way to lift up your UTV to fix a flat —

The Jack Daddy from Tuff Trail Gear is a handy item to bring along with you on your UTV rides. It provides a way to lift a wheel off the ground without working a ratchet up and down, or turning a handle like a normal car jack. You simply hook it on, drive your UTV forward a few inches and the tire lifts off the ground from a pendulum effect.

The kit comes with special little attachments that mount to the front of your UTV’s shock bolts (longer ones provided). This is where the Jack Daddy attaches to after you adjust it to the right length. It will be angled slightly forward of the UTV and as it moves forward the jack becomes vertical which raises the tire off the ground.

Here’s what you get with the Jack Daddy. It’s available in aluminum or steel, and can include special carrying mounts that install on your UTV’s roll cage. The price ranges from $199 to $349.

Here is the Jack Daddy lifting the rear tire off the ground. It also shows the yellow lock attachment that keeps the jack from tilting if the UTV happens to move.

The special mounting brackets hold the Jack Daddy securely no matter how rough the trail is, but allows you to get to it quickly and easily.

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