UTV Action magazine is always on the lookout for new UTV products to make our UTVs and our UTV lifestyle better, and we saw some cool products at the UTV Rally at Mormon Lake and the Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks.

new UTV products
Moose Racing 3-in-1 Ratchet: Moose Racing’s 3-in-1 ratchet combines 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch socket drives into one handy tool, so we can minimize the number of tools in our UTV adventure toolkits. MSRP is $25.95. See your local Moose Racing dealer or
new UTV products
Apex autoLYNX Sway-Bar Disconnect Links: new UTV products from the Jeep world, Apex Designs USA has new autoLYNX unlocking sway-bar links with anodized outer bodies and hard-chromed inner shafts. Grooves in the outer bodies and floating upper mounts are adjusted with circlips to get the right length, and jams nuts lock in place. Unlock with the blue knobs on top. See for MSRPs.
new UTV products
SuperATV 4-Inch Portals with 30% Gear Reduction: SuperATV has new 4-inch portals with 30-percent gear reduction. New Gen 3 portals also come with 15-percent reduction for getting the right torque for your choice of tire size, and they also come in cast or billet housings. Gears are 9310 alloy billet steel, and drive shafts are 1.5-inch 4340 hardened steel. MSRP for billet Ranger XP is $3,249.95. See
new UTV products
SuperATV Clear Poly Lower Doors: Keep roost out of your UTV’s cabin with SuperATV’s clear door lowers, which allow you to see terrain and obstacles beside you. They’re made of tough 1/4-inch clear polycarbonate and are brake-press bent for clean looks. They’re $209.95 a pair or $414.95 for the XP 4.
new UTV products
SuperATV Turbo S High-Clearance Radius Rods: SuperATV’s high-clearance billet-aluminum radius rods for the RZR Turbo S are $649.95 and feature 7/8-inch adjustable Heim joints, They’re made of 6061 billet and have zinc-plated chromoly steel bushings, plus a lifetime warranty
new UTV products
Tusk Gladiator UTV Axles: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has new Gladiator axles with double-plunge CVs. Gladiator Extreme Duty axles have larger shaft diameters with high tensile-strength steel and oversized CNC-machined CVs with maximum swing angles, all for $129.99 (MSRP is $159.99). See UTV Action’s complete axle buyer’s guide here: AXLE BUYER’S GUIDE – UTV Action Magazine
SuperATV 8-Inch Portals with 60% Gear Reduction: SuperATV has new a 8-inch portal with 60-percent gear reduction. The old portal only had 45-percent reduction, which is still available. The GDP portal comes with cast- or billet-aluminum housings, 9310 alloy billet steel gears and 1.5-inch 4340 hardened drive shafts. They lift 8 inches and require at least 22-inch wheels. MSRPs are $3,899.95 (cast) or $4,899.95 (billet).
Tusk UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit: Insure your ride with Tusk’s UTV fire extinguisher kit, which includes a Kidde 2.5-pound ABC extinguisher and steel cage mount for tubes 1.7–1.85 inches, all for $69.99.
New UTV products include Tusk 34-Inch Terrabite Tires: Tusk has new 34-inch sizing for the popular Terrabite DOT-tested 8-ply radial. The Terrabite has truck-tread and high load ratings with 3/4-inch treads. The 32x10R15 Terrabite has an MSRP of $229.99 and an online price of $194.88 at
Tusk UTV Glass Full Windshield with Vent and Wiper: Tusk’s glass windshields have automotive-quality laminated glass with light tinting, billet-aluminum cage mounts with black powdercoating, vents and a 16-inch windshield wiper kit (hand-operated) for $599.99.
Tusk Polycarb UTV Rear Windows: Enclose your X3 with Tusk’s clear, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate rear windscreens; they’re 3/16-inch hard-coated polycarbonate plastic and include all mounting hardware (nylon straps) for $149.99.
Tusk X3 12-Inch LED Light Bar Kit: Dress up your X3 and extend rides with Tusk’s $124.99 12-inch Shock Tower LED light bar kit. It includes a Tusk 12-inch LED light bar, shock-tower mounting bracket ($29.50 separately) that is powdercoated black, wiring and mounting hardware, including a dash toggle.
HCR Can-Am X3 Raw-Aluminum High-Clearance Radius Rods: Strengthen and improve your X3’s ground clearance with HCR’s raw-aluminum high-clearance radius rods. The six radius rods have 5/8-18 Heims with jam nuts and 12 misalignment spacers and all mounting hardware for $849.99.
Simpson Vortex II UTV Seat (left): Simpson introduces the Vortex II with ABS harness pockets, short bottom cushion (-2”) and wider (+1.5”) body for a more comfortable ride. Vortex seats ($499.95) have a tube-style frame with laser-cut seat base, and mounts are not included ($29.95 for Pro XP). See your Simpson dealer or
Team Bolt-Ons Roll-Up Tool Bag for X3s and RZR XPs: Build your own toolkit with this $40 roll-up tool wrap. It has two side pockets and 20 pockets for your tools, and once rolled up it attaches to your X3 front-seat rail via two reusable, rubber-backed tie-wraps. See or call (909) 534-8869.
Short-Course 1: Maxxis Tires supplied select racers with the new SC1 short-course tire in 2020, and now Maxxis support vehicles are selling the 27.5×10-15 SC1 at Texplex and other short-course races.
Task SS-2/SS-4 UTV Trailers: Task Trailers has SS-2 trailers for UTVs with wheelbases of 62-102 inches, SS-4 trailer for wheelbases of 62-135 inches, and they have wider versions for UTVs up to 75 inches wide. The Sport SS-2 starts at $4400. Call (888) 599-9899.
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