— A rugged full metal machine from Massimo —

The Massimo Warrior 800 is not your normal UTV. It basically looks like a scaled down Military Hum-vee. It’s designed to get you to rugged backwoods locations and haul plenty of gear while you deal with tough working duties. Obviously it is a vehicle that hunters would find appealing, but it has the look that even non-hunters are drawn to as well.

The Warrior 800 has a V-twin 800cc engine with fuel-injection. It produces loads of torque and 60 horsepower. The automatic transmission is the standard CVT style. Since the fenders and bodywork are metal instead of plastic, it’s a little heavier than most UTVs at 1,830 pounds. The dump bed is hydraulic and is rated to haul 500 pounds.

It has a 70 inch width with three seats across. The wheelbase is 91.5 inches and the length is 131.5 inches. It comes with power steering, digital instruments, high and low beam headlights and even turn signals. The independent suspension has 7 inches of travel at all four corners and the 4×4 system has locking differentials. It has 14 inch wheels with big ventilated disc brakes.

The Massimo Warrior 800 is made in Texas and sells for $12,999.

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