Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan
The all-new Yamaha Adventure Pro, powered by Magellan, is an advanced off-road and mobile GPS tablet device providing off-road enthusiasts the confidence and capability to explore more, and share their off-road adventures with friends and family. The Adventure Pro offers advanced on-screen data tracking and vehicle feedback with the Yamaha Wolverine X2/X4 and YXZ1000R.
The all-new Adventure Pro is a Yamaha Genuine Accessory priced at $749, which includes a RAM mount, vehicle
cradle, AC adaptor, vehicle power adaptor, and Yamaha-exclusive software to further any adventure. The all-new
2019 Wolverine X2 and 2019 Wolverine X4, as well as the new 2019 YXZ1000R / SS Side-by-Side (SxS) models,
are pre-wired for Adventure Pro installation, and provides advanced on-screen data tracking and vehicle feedback.
The unit also easily transitions from a SxS to automobiles and syncs with a desktop computer for those who
prefer to pre-plan their off-road adventures at home.
The Yamaha Adventure Pro interface is powered by a mobile Android-based Magellan TRX7 tablet, which allows
adding apps, music, videos, and more. To further peace-of-mind throughout your excursions, the Adventure Pro
also features a rugged and durable case, which additionally provides waterproof and weather-resistant protection.
“Featuring navigation, GPS mapping, online adventure planning, and social integration to share experiences with
friends, family and the world, the all-new Yamaha Adventure Pro is the most comprehensive and user-friendly
GPS unit available,” said Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s vice president of ATV / SxS group operations. “Yamaha is
partnering with Magellan, the industry leader for innovative GPS devices and off-road navigation, to bring its
extensive network and durable technology to truly adventurous off-road enthusiasts.”
Preloaded with more than 115,000 designated OHV trails, with more continuously being added and shared, off-
roaders can track their adventures and plan ahead with Magellan’s extensive online network of off-road maps.
Through Magellan’s advanced GPS tracking, maps can be saved for offline use and users can continue to
navigate, backtrack, and receive off-road trail warnings and other guidance features – all without cell signal.
Yamaha Adventure Pro’s online social integration connects the off-road community better than ever before at, with the ability to share trail maps, locations, lap times, trail ratings, photos and
updates with friends or the public through popular social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Andthrough Magellan’s TRX services, there are several ways to connect and share from the Yamaha pre-wired
display to the TRX smartphone app for a rich, truly integrated experience.
Select 2019 Yamaha SxS vehicles are prewired for advanced integration with the Yamaha Adventure Pro unit to
provide advanced data tracking and vehicle feedback including speed, RPM, trail timing, coolant temperatures,
and more. Vehicle safety warnings are also built into the interface, with seatbelt alerts, overheating, and engine
check warnings for confidence-inspired adventures.
While the Yamaha Adventure Pro tablet has been optimized for pre-wired vehicle integration, it is not limited to
just one vehicle. Navigation, social networking, and other top features are available to a number of uses, from
SxS vehicles to on- and off-road automobiles. And when not in use on the trail or on the road, the device can also
double as an Android-based tablet for apps, music, videos, and more.
The Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan is available from Yamaha authorized dealers, and online as a
Yamaha Genuine accessory at The complete off-road GPS package includes the seven-
inch display tablet, vehicle power adapter, USB cable, 4-pin CAN-cradle, vehicle/cradle harness, RAM mount,
and quick start guide.

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