The Colorado OHV Coalition (COHVCO) has long been one of the most effective OHV-activist organizations, and COHVCO formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) to finance support of candidates who will defend and support OHV recreation in its state legislature for the 2010 election cycle. COHVCO said, “The economic contribution to Colorado’s economy from motorized recreation is $1.1 Billion per year. Our legislators need to be aware of this important fact. Despite or best and ongoing efforts, OHV recreation continues to be assaulted by radical anti-motorized groups.”

We applaud and support COHVCO for forming a PAC to protect OHV opportunities and economies of OHV-friendly communities. OHV recreation also contributes $3.2 Billion to the California economy, yet radical greens seek to eliminate OHV recreation and lock up our lands in Wilderness, which, by definition, bans money-making activities and takes lands out of the tax base. Wilderness is yet another Unfunded Mandate! We need OHV PACS in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.!

To contribute to COHVCO’s PAC or find out how to form an OHV PAC in your state, contact COHVCO, P.O. Box 620523, Littleton, CO 80162-0523.

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