A constant, full bladder in your shock reservoir keeps your shock oil from aerating or foaming which leads to bad bump absorption. Whether you are changing oil or not, it’s good practice to make sure your shocks nitrogen level is topped off typically between 150-250 PSI (check with your shock manufacturer). Nitrogen (N2) is used instead of compressed air as it will not change consistency when heated up. Another good use for Nitrogen is to fill your tires. This way, tire pressure stay more consistent.   Power Tank has the tool to check both areas of your race or play UTV for shop or portable use for $659.95.  Note: you will need a “Mother Tank” to fill the smaller portable tank at home.


The new Shock Boss portable kit, comes with a tool-less, quick disconnect, no-air loss chuck, a regulator, small portable Nitrogen tank, fill hose and filler valve. The bladder that holds the nitrogen is so small, it’s important to have a zero loss system for filling your shocks.

Get the Power Tank Shock Boss Portable Nitrogen Shock Tuning Kit at

Shock Boss-Portable Nitrogen Shock Tuning Kit $659.95


Needle assembly $21.95
Schrader extension $8.95

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