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No Limit Storm Wheels and Patriot Tire Test

March 16, 2017
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No Limit’s new Storm wheels combine the added style and strength of conventional cast-aluminum wheels with the option to customize the wheel rim color to complement any UTV or ATV. The Storm is a non-beadlock modular wheel with a gloss black and machined wheel center that bolts to the rim. A huge range of color options are available for the rim, including two blue choices, two red choices, orange, green, yellow, white, silver and black. The wheels come in 14- and 15-inch sizes in all popular bolt patterns. Prices start at $150, which is lower than some wheels that don’t offer custom color choices.

We paired the wheels with No Limit’s Patriot tires. These are all-terrain, eight-ply tires with deep, aggressive, non-directional tread. A durable, flexible rubber compound is used to prevent cuts, chips and punctures. The tires are available in 27-, 28- and 30-inch sizes for 14-inch wheels and 28 and 30 inches for 15-inch wheels. The 30×1014 we tested were $175 each, which is $10 to $40 less than other eight-ply tires in this size.

No Limit’s new Storm wheel and Patriot tire are a stylish, rugged combination that provides the handling and traction highperformance UTVs and ATVs require.
No Limit’s new Storm wheel and Patriot tire are a stylish, rugged combination that provides the handling and traction highperformance UTVs and ATVs require.

We tested 30×10-14 Patriot tires on a Polaris XP 1000, a machine that comes stock with 29-inch tires, to gain some ground clearance for ruts and large rocks. These wheels accept stock Polaris lug nuts, which save the cost of special hardware some wheels require.

Our test loop’s rocky trails, hard-packed dirt roads and sand washes, and the 1000’s power, weight, cornering performance and jumping ability gave us a good feel for the tire’s traction and the wheel’s toughness.

Even though the 30-inch tires only add a half inch of ground clearance to the 1000 we could feel the difference just climbing into the RZR for our first run of the loop, and we didn’t scrape the skid plate in some familiar spots on the trail. Despite the Patriot’s aggressive tread, they rode smoothly. On hard-packed surfaces, the Patriot tires provided strong acceleration, secure cornering and sure braking, and they also performed impressively in soft sand.

No Limit’s Storm wheels handled the punishment of testing and came away without a scratch or ding. Had we bent or broken a wheel, No Limit’s lifetime warranty would cover a replacement.

No Limit’s new Storm wheel gives owners more options to customize and personalize their machines than any wheel we’ve seen so far, and the wheel’s styling stands out in any color choice. We found No Limit’s Patriot tires were fully capable of providing the level of handling and traction high-performance UTVs require, and they’re attractively priced.

CONTACT: Your dealer, www.nolimitoffroad.com or call (888) 848-8024.
RATING: ★★★★★.
PRICE: $157–$175.

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