San Bernardino County Fairgrounds hosted the first two rounds of the Lucas Oil Regionals Off-Road Series (LORORS) in Victorville, California, and Weller Racing’s Dallas Nord dominated the Production 1000 UTVs with two top qualifier awards and two main-event wins. Nord and Dustin Nelson battled throughout Saturday’s main, trading the top spot several times, before Nord pulled away late in the race. He topped the podium over Nelson and Billy Nichols. Every Production 1000 entered was a Yamaha YXZ1000R.

Dallas Nord had a perfect weekend at the LORORS SoCal opener with two fast qualifiers and Production 1000 main wins.

On Sunday, Nord again led a heated battle, one so hot that Nichols blew a motor late in the race. This time, it was Cody Hodgson and Ben Booker sharing the podium, with Nelson fourth. After two rounds, Nord already has a 12-point lead.

Corry Weller won the opening round of the LORORS SoCal Production Turbo UTVs.

In Production Turbo UTVs, defending Arizona Turbo champion Corry Weller came to SoCal for shake down her rebuilt Maverick X3 for the LOORRS national opener at Glen Helen in two weeks. She was top qualifier and battled Trey Gibbs (Pol) and SoCal Turbo champion Chance Haugen (Pol) for the win on Saturday.

Chance Haugen and Trey Gibbs battled in both Production Turbo mains with Haugen leaving with the points lead.

Weller sat out round two, and Gibbs and Haugen battled for the main-event win. They swapped the lead several times, and Gibbs had the lead at the white flag but blew a transmission, dropping to third. Gibbs was TQ on Sunday, but Haugen took over the points lead with Sunday’s win.

Dustin Nelson was TQ in Weller SR1 UTVs both days and won both SR1 mains. Jason Weller sits second in points after a 2-4 weekend, while Paul O’Brien sits third with a 4-2 weekend.

George Llamosas dominated the RZR 170 class at Victorville, turning the fastest qualifying times and winning both mains. Jake Hill took second in qualifying, third on Saturday, and second on Sunday for second-place points. Kendall Hawks sits third after a 2-4 weekend.

Cade Martin topped the Mod Karts on Saturday and was TQ on Sunday, but he fell back to fifth in Sunday’’s main. He leads Jason Uribe by one point after two rounds. Uribe had a 3-2 weekend after qualifying second on Sunday. Karaston Hernandez sits third after two third-place quailfying efforts and 2-3 in the mains.

Brother Brodie Martin was top JR2 Kart qualifier on Saturday, but it was Rhyan Denney taking the win ahead of Logan Leggitt and Chaden Zane Minder. Talan Martin won Sunday over Brodie and Leggitt, but it was Brodie leaving with the JR2 points lead.

In JR1 Karts, Truly Adams took the most qualifying points and won both mains. Stone Hall sits second in points after two seconds in the mains and 1-3 qualifying efforts. Mikey Childress Junior was third on Saturday but only seventh on Sunday; Hailey Berry sits third in points after 4-4 qualifying and 6-4 finishes.


Rd. 1: Victorville, CA

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Dallas Nord…Yam

2. Dustin Nelson…Yam

3. Billy Nichols…Yam

4. Cody Hodgson…Yam

5. Ben Booker…Yam

6. Mark Meredith…Yam

7. Syd Woods…Yam

8. Kenny Holt…Yam

9. Wyatt Buch-Schroeder…Yam

10. Dylan Hummel…Yam

Pro Turbo UTVs

1. Corry Weller…C-A

2. Trey Gibbs…Pol

3. Chance Haugen…Pol

4. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

5. Oliver Golding…C-A

Weller SR1s

1. Dustin Nelson…Yam

2. Jason Weller…Yam

3. Nick Peery…Yam

RZR 170s

1. Georg Llamosas…Pol

2. Kendall Hawks…Pol

3. Jake Hill…Pol

Mod Karts

1. Cade martin

2. Karaston Hernandez

3. Jaden Uribe

JR2 Karts

1. Rhyan Denney

2. Logan Leggitt

3. Chade Zane Minder

JR1 Karts

1. Truly Adams

2. Stone Hall

3. Mikey Childress Jr.

Rd. 2: Victorville, CA

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Dallas Nord…Yam

2. Cody Hodgson…Yam

3. Ben Booker…Yam

4. Dustin Nelson…Yam

5. Mark Meredith…Yam

6. Syd Woods…Yam

7. Wyatt Buch-Schroeder…Yam

8. Kenny Holt…Yam

9. Wyatt Buch-Schroeder…Yam

10. Sierra Price…Yam

Pro Turbo UTVs

1. Chance Haugen…Pol

2. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

3. Trey Gibbs…Pol


1. George Llamosas…Pol

2. Jake Hill…Pol

3. Ian Torfi…Pol

Mod Karts

1. John Holtger

2. Haden Uribe

3. Karaston Hernandez

JR2 Karts

1. Talan Martin

2. Brodie Martin

3. Logan Leggitt

JR1 Karts

1. Truly Adams

2. Stone Hall

3. Tucker Clabaugh


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