This is OBOR Tire’s first steel belted, radial tire and they managed to build the lightest on the market at 39.5lb.  According OBOR, the TRICERA  has an ingenious design fortified by an anti-puncture layer strategically positioned beneath the tread void. This innovative layer provides an extra line of defense against sharp rocks, debris, and other hazards, minimizing the risk of punctures and enhancing the tire’s longevity. From the photos, it looks as though the tread blocks should provide the flex, grip and sidewall protection today’s larger SXS’s demand.


The MSRP is set to come in right at $300 for their first offering a 32X10-15.

“TRICERA is the embodiment of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of off-road tire technology,” says Bruce Nyland, Marketing Manager at OBOR Tires. “With its steel belt construction, anti-puncture layer, and desert race specialization, TRICERA empowers drivers to conquer extreme terrains with unwavering confidence.”

Obor Tricera


OBOR Tires invites all off-road enthusiasts, racers, and adventure seekers to explore the limitless possibilities with TRICERA UTV Off-Road Tire. For more information about the TRICERA and OBOR Tires’ complete range of high-performance off-road solutions. We plan on evaluating this tire very soon, until then, please visit https://obor-tires.com/.

Obor Tricera

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