Obor tires has come out of the gate swinging with Obor Predator tires, chalking up a major win at the San Felipe 250. Mike Cafro took that impressive win in the Pro Stock class using a Polaris RZR Turbo S 4.


The latest UTV tire from Obor is the Predator. It’s an all-terrain tire with a light-truck-tire look; however, instead of having a square profile across the contact patch, there’s a slight crown in the middle. Obor did this by raising the center lugs slightly. Sedona uses this construction concept on the Rock-A-Billy as well. What is unique is that the Predator has a dual sidewall design, giving the user an option of two sidewalls to choose from. Neither choice is very aggressive; one just has a bit more rubber to it and a different look.


To the touch, the lugs feel very soft, which translates into great traction. To our surprise, the tires showed very few signs of wear after a 400-mile test.


The Predator is a hard, dry-terrain tire designed for aggressive desert riding or racing. It comes in sizes 27×14, 28×14, 30×14, 30×15, 32×15 and 34×15, and all feature eight plies. The 32s we tested measure a tick taller at 32.3 inches and cost $196 each.


That crown in the center of the tread patch allows the tire to roll really easily on hard-packed terrain. Because of that, you don’t feel that you are running a 43-pound tire. It rolls smoothly, thanks to radial construction, and steers very predictably. Deflection over rocks and ditches was great, and the big tire didn’t transfer feedback through the steering wheel. Furthermore, the tires grip so well that you feel like you are getting the forward and braking traction you expect with a flatter tire without the grabby feeling.

Here is a closer look at the two sidewall options. It does not make that big of a difference on the trail and doesn’t significantly affect side-bite traction. It’s more of a visual accent.


After a long 400-mile test, the Predator tire is holding up much better than expected. The tires we had mounted on the front have virtually no signs of wear. Out back, the leading edges of the center knobbies are wearing slowly. Barring any sidewall tears, which we don’t expect, we are confident these tires will last several thousand miles more. If they do, you will get your money’s worth out of them.


CONTACT: www.amazon.com/obortires

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $196 each

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