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All the tires that come stock on your new UTV are good; however, they are not sourced for a specific type of riding. The good news is that by the time you wear out your stock tires, you typically have an idea of the type of terrain you will spend most of your time riding on, and now you can choose a terrain-specific tire to enhance your UTV’s capabilities.


The latest tread pattern from Obor aimed at the desert-riding, rock-crawling customer who is looking for a larger 32- or 35-inch tire. We fitted the 32-inch size on a set of $160 Raceline Trophy Simulated beadlock wheels in Stealth Grey.

The RocScraper tires did as well in the rocks as they did away from them. This is a perfect all-terrain tire for the guy who searches out rock sections to play in.



Obor tells us the rubber compound of the RocScraper measures smack dab in the middle of the two Maxxis Roxxzilla offerings. The Obor tire weighs right under 50 pounds for the 32-inch tires and just over for the 35s.


The carcass is an eight-ply, non-directional design with shoulder lugs that taper down the sidewall, stopping at the bulge. This should provide added protection if you are running lower tire pressures. There is a decent-sized rim guard, but it’s not as deep as Obor’s new Daemon tire.


The RocScraper turned out to be the perfect mix of traction in the rocks and durability in the desert. For nearly every rock-crawling situation we’ve been in (other than Moab), you typically have to ride through the desert (Johnson Valley) or sand (Sand Hallow) to get out to the rocks. This tire is perfect for those situations. We started our test ride with 12 psi, knowing we were going to hit the desert for a few miles first and then hit the hardest rock trail we could find.

While the KRX is an excellent rock crawler with stock tires, the RocScrapers made it unstoppable. We aimed for the slipperiest rocks we could find. We took them at fast and slow speeds, and it was almost impossible to get the tires to slip. We could creep up the ledges with zero slip back down or to the side if the rocks weren’t level.

We love these tires in the rocks, as well as away from them. The big 32-inch tire didn’t offer bad feedback in the bumps and steered in the sand better than expected. This tire will be easy to recommend to the guy who wants an all-terrain tire that can drive to the rocks to have more fun. If this is you, find your next set at www.obor-tires.com.





$333 (32-inch) $410 (35-inch)

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