It’s simple, race (and place) using OBOR tires and you will get paid. In series’ from coast to coast you will find OBOR racers battling for purse money and the big contingency payout and it’s not just for the pros. Most classes in 5 different series and two stand alone races are are covered. Check out what kind of money could be yours below, then sign up HERE

OBOR Contingency


Check out the latest tires from OBOR HERE 


INDIANA CROSS COUNTRY RACING  https://www.ixcr.com

HEAVY PRO MOD:  1st=$250, 2nd=$175, 3rd=$100

SINGLE DRIVER PRO: 1st=$200, 2nd=$175, $125

HEAVY: 1st=$175, 2nd=$150, 3rd=$100

HEAVY LTD: 1st=$100, 2nd=$75, 3rd=$63

WOMENS: 1st=$88, 2nd=$63, 3rd=$50

LITE Mod: 1st=$88, 2nd=$63, 3rd=$50

AMERICAN WOODS RACING SERIES https://www.awrcs.com

HEAVY PRO UNL: 1st=$168  2nd=$117  3rd=$67 

PRO-AM:1st=$117  2nd=$101  3rd=$50 

AMATEUR:1st=$84  2nd=$67  3rd=$50 

WARRIOR:1st=$59  2nd=$42  3rd=$34

ULTRA 4 RACING https://www.ultra4usa.com

PRO MOD: 1st=$500  2nd=$400  3rd=$200 

STOCK PROD: 1st=$500  2nd=$400  3rd=$200

OPEN: 1st=$500  2nd=$400  3rd=$200

170 LTD: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

170 MOD: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD https://champoffroad.com

PRO MOD: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

PRO N/A: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

PRO TURBO: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

AMATEUR TURBO: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

AMATEUR N/A: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

OPEN ENDURANCE: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

PRO ENDURANCE: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

AMATUER ENDURANCE: 1st=$300  2nd=$200  3rd=$100 

SCORE INTERNATIONAL https://score-international.com

PRO TURBO: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

PRO PRODUCTION: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

PRO UNLIMITED: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

PRO RS1: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

RALLY: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

SPORTSMAN: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

MINT 400 https://themint400.com

PRO OPEN: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500 

PRO TURBO: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000 3rd=$500

PRO PRODUCTION: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000  3rd=$500

PRO UNLIMITED: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000  3rd=$500

PRO N/A: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000  3rd=$500

RALLY: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000  3rd=$500

SPORTSMAN: 1st=$1,500 2nd=$1,000  3rd=$500

KING OF THE HAMMERS https://kingofthehammers.com

PRO STOCK N/A: 1st=$1500  2nd=$1000  3rd=$500 

PRO STOCK TURBO: 1st=$1500  2nd=$1000  3rd=$500 

PRO MOD: 1st=$1500  2nd=$1000  3rd=$500 

OPEN: 1st=$1500  2nd=$1000  3rd=$500 

SPORTSMAN: 1st=$1500  2nd=$1000  3rd=$500  

OBOR Contingency

How Does It Work?

ACCORDING TO OBOR, participating  in the UTV Contingency Program is as easy as revving your engine. Simply compete in authorized events using OBOR Tires, and you’ll be eligible for cash payouts and exclusive discounts. It’s our way of supporting your adventurous spirit!

What’s In It For You?

Cash Payouts: Win big with our generous cash rewards for successful participants.
Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on OBOR Tires throughout the year, ensuring you’re always ready for your next ride.
Recognition: Join a community of like-minded riders and gain recognition for your achievements on the off-road circuit.

How to Get Started: Visit our dedicated Contingency Program page at https://obor-tires.com/contingency/ to learn more about program details, eligibility criteria, and registration information.

This is your chance to turn your passion for off-roading into tangible rewards. Seize the opportunity and make every ride count!

Feel free to reach out to our customer support team at
[email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance with the program. Gear up, rev your engines, and let’s make 2024 an unforgettable year of off-road adventures with OBOR Tires!


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