A pair of door bags that attach to the inside of RZR XP or XPT and non-turbo machines. They do not fit the new Pro XP platform, the Pro R or Turbo R RZRs.


Each door bag is a huge storage pocket for all sorts of items. The bag’s mounting panels bolt securely to the door frame, then the main bag attaches to that via ultra-strong Velcro. This feature allows you to quickly remove the bags and bring them in the house or garage and store them away from the car. This is a good idea if you leave your RZR somewhere for service/repairs or possibly leave it in an off-site storage facility. We usually carry valuables like binoculars, handguns or cell phones in these bags. A netting panel divided into three sections is sewn into the back wall, so smaller items can be individually stored and grabbed quickly. You can get in and out of the bag easily, whether you are sitting in the car or standing outside of it.

Ogio has always been known for high-quality gear bags, backpacks and golf club bags. Their products have always been off-road tough, but now you have a reason to take them deep in the dirt. Check out Ogio’s complete line of products at www.ogiopowersports.com



The bag is made from a molded EVA material. It has a honeycomb carbon fiber look but is not porous, so it can be wiped clean easily. The zipper is coated, so it’s protected from dust and repels water and mud. Ogio doesn’t make bags for the rear doors of the RZR, but Can-Am X3 front door bags are available.


Having a full-sized storage bag is great. Most door bags from other brands only feature one smaller pocket and a knee pad near the door handle. The front of this bag offers plenty of padding, so a separate knee pad isn’t necessary. The Ogio RZR door bags mounted easily, worked well and cost about $50 less than some competitors’ products. They do make the space inside your RZR slightly more compact, but that is the case with all door bags. 


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