Racers make Ol’ Red Racing products for racers, and their products include Red Ice Racing Coolant, Power Clean Mechanic Hand Scrub, ATV Wash, Bike Wash, Silicone Spray, Swamp Butter Chamois Cream, and Red Rocket Fuel Additive. To see how it works on UTVs, we got a couple of bottles of ATV Wash and tried it out on our T-Rex K-Rex and RZR Pro XP 4.


Because off road vehicles use so many materials, Ol’ Red ATV Wash isn’t corrosive or abrasive, and it’s formulated to be safe on all surfaces, including paint, chrome and anodizing. Also, it’s made with no harsh or toxic chemicals and is made to be a spray-on, rinse-off proposition.


ATV Wash is an environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable cleaner. It comes in 32-ounce bottles with sprayer, and in 1-and 5-gallon bulk bottles.


Anyone who wants an effective and non-hazardous cleaner for their UTV, ATV or dirt bike.


Ol’ Red Racing recommends you hose off the machine to get rid of the heavy mud and dirt deposits, then spray ATV Wash on the entire machine. So, we hosed the off the heavy mud on the Kawasaki and the nasty caliche dust on the Polaris before we applied the cleaner. Finally, we went section by section on the Teryx, letting it soak in for 2–5 minutes, and ATV Wash did a great job on all surfaces except heavily greased parts. The cleaner  leaves no residue, and the Teryx looked brand new. We cleaned he four-seat Turbo Pro next, and ATV Wash removed the clingy caliche dust as well. We had to wipe down parts we didn’t spray to remove the dust coating.


At $9.99 for a 32-ounce bottle, Ol’ Red ATV Wash is priced competitively, and it does a good job of cleaning with minimal fuss. It’s easy to use, but it seems to go pretty fast. Ol’ Red’s Facebook page has a good deal on 1-gallon bottles paired with 12-ounce Silicone Spray for $29.99 (normally $32.99).

CONTACT: Ol’ Red Racing Products;

176 Carswell Ave., Holly Hill, FL 32117; (386) 256-9344;


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $9.99 (32 oz.)

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