Reigning 2019 Lucas Oil Midwest Short-Course Production Turbo UTV champion Kyle Chaney (C-A) made the trek to  Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri, for the third through fifth rounds of the LOORRS 2020 season. Reigning LOORRS Pro Turbo champion Corry Weller (C-A) came to Missouri with a six-point lead over Ronnie Anderson (Pol), so Chaney’s presence could well shake up the points race. Sure enough, Chaney was top qualifier for the Friday Turbo main with Weller second, so they started on the first row. Anderson and Weller made contact in the first turn, letting Chaney gap the field, and they battled for second for several laps. Weller slowed in later laps and dropped to seventh, with Chaney topping the Friday podium over Anderson and Trevor Leighton (Pol).

UTV racing was hot and heavy at the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series triple-header at Lucas Oil Speedway in Missouri. Midwest 2019 Short-Course Production Turbo champ Kyle Chaney won two of three Turbo rounds.

With Anderson and Polaris now in the Pro Turbo points lead and Ronnie being top qualifier, the Saturday main started with Anderson and Weller on the first row. Chaney, Weller and Leighton got together and hit the Turn One wall, with Chaney and Leighton being unable to continue for the restart. Weller took advantage and followed Anderson for half the race and then took the lead and win ahead of Anderson and Derek Tidd (Pol). Contact would also play a role in Sunday’s Pro Turbo main, as Anderson and Chaney collided and lost ground early. Chaney recovered and hunted down early leader Weller, who eventually settled for fourth, and then he cruised to his second win of the weekend, some 6.3 seconds ahead of Tidd, with Leighton third. Anderson dropped to tenth in the main, letting Weller extend the Pro Turbo points lead to 10.

Corry Weller lost the LOORRS Pro Turbo points lead on Friday’s Round 3 but recovered for the win on Saturday. Her 7-1-4 weekend bested Ronnie Anderson’s 2-2-10 scores, so she regained the points lead by 10.


In Pro Stock UTVs, only three points separated Myles Cheek (Pol) and former champ Brock Heger (Yam) coming into Missouri’s triple-header. Cheek was top qualifier in two of three rounds in his RS1, with Heger TQ’ing the other, and defending champ Robert Stout (Yam) was a no-show so far in 2020. Friday’s main saw the duo on the front row, and Cheek took the early lead and kept it despite tremendous pressure from Heger. Cheek pulled a 1.9-second gap on Heger on the last lap, with Dallas Nord (Yam) third.

Myles Cheek was the big UTV winner of the weekend with Pro Stock UTV wins on Friday and Sunday, and he was second on Saturday. He also gained top-qualifier points on two days and second on the other for another 14 points.

For Saturday’s Pro Stock main, Heger started on the second row with Cheek on the third, and Heger took the lead on the Talladega Turn with Cheek moving into third quickly and then moving into second. The battle resumed, but this time Heger was victorious with Cheek taking second over Nord. Sunday started with Cheek and Heger on the second row, but Heger clipped a course marker and tipped over. Nord led briefly but was soon passed by Cheek, who pulled a 2.5-second lead by the finish. Nord was second ahead of Robby Hornsby (Yam) with Heger fourth.

Brock Heger (912) fought back for the Pro Stock win on Saturday, but Robby Hornsby (916) knocked Heger off of the podium on Sunday.

Cheek and his trick RS1 left Missouri with a 13-point lead, and the remaining Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series rounds will be triple-headers at Arizona’s Wildhorse Pass September 18-20 and California’s Glen Helen Raceway October 16-18. There were 37 UTVs with 15 Pro Stocks, 11 Turbos, and 11 RZR 170s at Lucas Oil Speedway, plus 26 Trophy Karts.

Look for an in-depth feature on Cheek’s CMI RS1 in the December issue of UTV Action Magazine.


1. Devore, CA…PT C. Weller/C-A, PS M. Cheek/Pol

2. Devore, CA…PT C. Weller/C-A, PS B. Heger/Yam

3. Wheatland, MO…PT K. Chaney/C-A, PS M Cheek/Pol

4. Wheatland, MO…PT C. Weller/C-A, PS B. Heger/Yam

5. Wheatland, MO…PT K. Chaney/C-A, PS M Cheek/Pol

6. Sept. 18…Chandler, AZ

7. Sept. 19…Chandler, AZ

8. Sept. 20…Chandler, AZ

9. Oct. 16…Devore, CA

10. Oct. 17…Devore, CA

11. Oct. 18 (Challenge Cup)…Devore, CA

Awards banquet TBA Jan., 2021



Pro Turbo

1. Kyle Chaney…C-A

2. Ronnie Anderson…Pol

3. Trevor Leighton…Pol

4. Trey Gibbs…Pol

5. Derek Tidd…Pol

6. Keith Brooks…C-A

7. Corry Weller…C-A

8. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

9. James Maki…Yam

10. Robert VanBeekum…Pol

Pro Stock

1. Myles Cheek…Pol

2. Brock Heger…Yam

3. Dallas Nord…Yam

4. Robby Hornsby…Yam

5. Bradley Morris…Yam

6. Anthony Santos…Pol

7. Joshua Luketic…922

8. Bronson Chiaramonte…Pol

9. Ben Booker…Yam

10. Joshua Stephens…Yam


Pro Turbo

1. Corry Weller…C-A

2. Ronnie Anderson…Pol

3. Derek Tidd…Pol

4. Chance Haugen…Pol

5. Keith Brooks…C-A

6. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

7. Trevor Leighton…Pol

8. Trey Gibbs…Pol

9. James Maki…733

10. Kyle Chaney…C-A

Pro Stock

1. Brock Heger…Yam

2. Myles Cheek…Pol

3. Dallas Nord…Yam

4. Robby Hornsby…Yam

5. Bradley Morris…Yam

6. Ben Booker…Yam

7. Kenny Holt…Yam

8. Billy Nichols…987

9. Jim Price…Yam

10. James Jaramillo…939


Pro Turbo

1. Kyle Chaney…C-A

2. Derek Tidd…Pol

3. Trevor Leighton…Pol

4. Corry Weller…C-A

5. Chance Haugen…Pol

6. Trey Gibbs…Pol

7. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

8. Keith Brooks…C-A

9. Ronnie Anderson…Pol

10. James Maki…Yam

Pro Stock

1. Myles Cheek…Pol

2. Dallas Nord…Yam

3. Robby Hornsby…Yam

4. Brock Heger…Yam

5. Joshua Luketic…922

6. Billy Nichols…987

7. Bronson Chiaramonte…Pol

8. Kenny Holt…Yam

9. Jim Price…Yam

10. Bradley Morris…Yam


After 5 of 11 rounds:

Pro Turbo

1. Corry Weller/C-A…256/3

2. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…246

3. Trevor Leighton/Pol…225

4. Chance Haugen/Pol…205

5. Trey Gibbs/Pol…205

9. Kyle Chaney/C-A…146/2

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Myles Cheek/Pol…273/3

2. Brock Heger/Yam…260/2

3. Robby Hornsby/Yam…237

4. Dallas Nord/Yam…215

5. Bronson Chiaramonte/Pol…180

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