The Indiana X-Country Racing series held its sixth round of 11 at the Oliver Brothers farm near Russellville, Indiana, over the weekend. On Saturday following the ATV and Peewee ATV races, the one-hour UTV race went off at 5:00PM on the brand-new course and IXCR facility. After an hour of muddy racing, Matt Lithgow of Lithgow Motorsports put in six laps in his Can-Am X3 with his fiancé and crossed the finish line 21 seconds after the allotted hour. Lithgow topped Nathan Wolff and Geary Manuel for an all Can-Am podium in Heavy Pro Mod UTV.

Michael Plank was second overall and first Single Driver UTV ahead of Brad Ashby and Jeremy Laufer for an all-Polaris podium. Anthony Schenck was the only Heavy Limited UTV to complete six laps and was sixth overall UTV in his Polaris. He topped Jeremiah Braun and Mitch Wofford for an all-Polaris Heavy Limited UTV podium.

Of the five IXCR rounds remaining, four are UTV-also rounds. Lithgow’s win gives him the UTV overall points lead, and he is otherwise tied with Brandon Moncel with 61 points. Nathan Wolf is third with 59 points.

Indiana X-Country Racing Oliver Brothers XC results

Heavy Pro Mod UTV

1. Matt Lithgow/C-A…6/1:00:21

2. Nathan Wolff/C-A…6/1:01:10

3. Geary Manuel/C-A…6/1:07:54

4. Jonah Woomer/Pol…6/1:08:03

5. Brandon Moncel/C-A…6/1:13:31

Heavy Limited UTV

1. Anthony Schenck/Pol…6/1:06:49

2. Jeremiah Braun/Pol…5/00:57:56

3. Mitch Wofford/Pol…5/1:06:50

4. Clint Gould/Pol…4/1:10:25

5. Patrick Capehart/Pol…4/1:11:10

Single Driver UTV

1. Michael Plank/Pol…6/1:03:51

2. Brad Ashby/Pol…6/1:04:11

3. Jeremy Laufer/Pol…6/1:06:28

4. John Rhymer/Pol…6/1:07:24

5. Michael Zajdel/C-A…5/1:02:28

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