The Open Trail 3” Pod Light Set includes two 3” pods, mounting brackets, wiring harness and switch. These lights feature high intensity, efficient Cree LEDs and spot reflectors to give a more focused beam pattern to light up at long distances. Flood reflectors give more usable light over a short distance, great for backup lights, trailers, or work areas. Low draw LEDs put out remarkable light without taxing your vehicle’s charging system. The IP67 Waterproof Rating assures reliable performance in all conditions. The Open Trail 3” Pod Light Set’s 6000K color temperature gives off a bright white light that cuts through the darkness. Strong aluminum lamp housings have integrated fins to keep lights cool. The Open Trail 3” Pod Light Set includes a 15 month warranty against manufacturer defects (Excludes abuse/crash damage).

The set is $149.95. Contact or your WPS dealer.

See the lighting equipment on a WORCS racer here:

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