In just the latest round of temporary closures, the ride spot known as California City OHV Area, 150 miles North of Los Angeles, has issued a closure notice today. All of its 200 square miles of California riding/camping closes effective immediately. Until further notice, to help stem the spread of Covid 19, all riding and camping are prohibited.


This comes on the heals of nearby closures of Oceano Dunes, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Jawbone Canyon and Dove Springs. The map below shows the exact closure of those areas in red.

California closes riding/camping.
This map shows the closure of Jawbone Canyon, Red Rock and Dove Springs just north West of Cal City. Expect the BLM to continue to shut down its open areas as well such as Glamis and the rest of the South Western deserts when they can figure out how. The Forests in California are starting to close as well.
California closes riding/camping.
California City is the latest OHV area to completely close.

There is still technically camping and riding available in the areas north and east of here, however, if you are out and about, you are actually going against the Governors stay at home order. So depending on your absolute need to get out, more importantly, remember these guidelines for off roading and social distancing. We all want to be out there too but, the infection rate has to drop dramatically before we can do so. Be safe and smart so we can all stop hearing the words “more California riding/camping closes.”

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