PCI Race Radios has long been a one-stop shop for desert and short-course racers, and PCI has produced clean-air systems for many years, starting with bonnet RaceAirs and evolving into the RaceAir Boost (tested September, 2019). Now, PCI has the new, cool RaceAir Mini—a self-contained, fresh-air system that’s portable for multi-vehicle use. The RaceAir Mini mounts directly to any helmet with a fresh-air port.

A Swiss-made electric motor draws air through a K&N-style filter and pumps it directly into the helmet’s clean-air port to provide cool, clean air inside. It also helps prevent fogging in the winter.


The Race Air Mini has a small K&N-style filter and an inline axial fan that runs on 12-volt power from your UTV or an optional battery pack. The Swiss-made fan motor is 100mA and powered by a quick-disconnect hardwire cable. The optional battery pack we tried uses four 9-volt batteries, which we got at Walmart for $17.05.


The gauze-wire filter is housed and capped in rubber, and the electric fan motor rides inside the filter. The Mini weighs just 6.4 ounces. The battery pack is plastic with a quick-connect cable and will run on either two 9-volt batteries or four for extended battery life.


Anyone who wants clean air pumped into his or her helmet at an affordable price.


We used the RaceAir Mini in a wide variety of conditions. It does a great job of pumping clean, fresh air into the helmet with minimal fan noise. In warm weather, the Mini cools the helmet, and in cold weather, it helps prevent fogging. With sunglasses under our Bell Eliminator (tested August 2019) shield, the Mini kept the left sunglass lens from fogging but not the right. We have put 20 hours on the batteries with no loss of output.


Better yet, the battery pack gives even more portability for use on quads and motorcycles. While we enjoy the variable-speed of the PCI RaceAir Boost, the RaceAir Mini does a great job and eliminates messing with a clean-air hose. The battery pack fits nicely in cargo-pant pockets. While the Mini costs more than PCI’s RaceAir Flow Single, and the Mini with battery pack costs more than a RaceAir Max Duo, it’s an effective and efficient unit at $224.90. PCI’s website even has a payment plan where the Mini with battery pack is only $10.39 a month.

CONTACT: www.pciraceradios.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $159.95; battery pack, $64.95

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