Protecting your valuable cargo

The company most famous for indestructible cases that work great in any UTV for carrying tools and spares, has a new line of Americana Coolers. These rugged Pelican coolers with patriotic colors are available in 20 and 50 Quart sizes to fit your riding needs. The cooler has tie down slots that allow you to secure it to the bed of your ride and open the lid without having to un strap it. There is a secure area for a padlock and each coolers weighs 12.5 lb and 26.4 pounds respectively. The 20QT is 17.7” tall and 18.8×12.6” wide. The 50QT model is 20.4” tall and 20×30” wide. Retail price on the small one is $150, the big one is double that. See the growing line of always tough Pelican products at 

Pelican 50 qt Americana Cooler: $300
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