Dear Sarge,

Recently my 2016 Honda Pioneer has refused to engage differential lock. The right front wheel doesn’t engage, leaving me with only 3 wheels driving. This makes it a bit of a pain when dragging logs for firewood! There are no warning lights to indicate a problem. The dash also shows the diff lock is engaged, but it isn’t. While I haven’t taken her to my dealer (a long trailer ride away) over the phone the Service Department told me they have never heard of something like that with no warning lights. Sarge, I am hoping that you can provide a solution where my dealer can’t.

Peter Conrad

Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho

Private Conrail, I don’t see why you are complaining. You have 75% of your wheels driving! Laugh Boot! I actually have seen Pioneer differential lock problems like this if the Zooter was used in very uneven ground where the front end had to articulate severely at times. This articulation, under the right conditions, can cause a front drive shaft to pop out of the front differential just enough to cut power to that wheel. If you find the right front drive shaft is popped out, then pop it back in and I would drain and refill the front differential just in case contaminants got into the diff’s oil. Drop and count off 25 Boot for not even looking at your front differential, where the problem was! Dismissed!

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