Wild Horse Pass hosted the sixth through eighth rounds of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS) UTV Production 1000s and Production Turbos, and Polaris Factory athletes Ronnie Anderson and Myles Cheek completely dominated all three 12-lap rounds in Arizona. On Friday, 10 turbos and 15 1000s started the UTV Pro practice, qualifying and main-event schedule.

Ronnie Anderson had yet to win any of the five LOORRS Turbo rounds coming into the Arizona triple-header, but he had briefly led the points after round three. He won three in a row at Wild Horse Pass and took the points lead from Corry Weller.

Friday, Anderson beat Chance Haugen (Pol) to the checkered flag by less than a second, with Corry Weller (C-A) third. LOORRS races have a mid-race caution to tighten the field and promote closer racing, and Haugen kept Anderson in his sights. Ronnie had to make his last lap the fastest with a 45.724, as Haugen turned his fastest lap before the white flag to close on the #752 Turbo S.

Chance Haugen scored a second on Friday in Arizona, but he could only do a fourth on Saturday and seventh on Sunday. Look for a build feature on his SuperATV RZR Turbo S in the October issue of UTV Action Magazine.

In Production 1000s, Myles Cheek crossed the finish line less than a second ahead of twice-champion Brock Heger (Yam), with Dallas Nord (Yam) third. The 1000s were flying, as Cheek’s best lap of 45.555 was than two-tenths off of Anderson’s turbo time. Cheek’s fast time was on the ninth go-round, with Heger’s fast lap the eighth.

Myles Cheek dominated in Arizona, winning all three rounds of Production 1000s in his trick CMI RS1, with Brock Heger (912) third in all three mains. Robby Hornsby (916) was third on Saturday and Sunday. Look for a build feature on Cheek’s racing RS1 in the December issue of UTV Action Magazine.

Saturday, the Wild Horse Pass LOORRS track got even faster. Anderson won by a whopping 12.453 seconds over Weller, yet he still turned his fastest lap, a 44.483, on the white-flag lap. Robert VanBeekum was third in another Polaris. In Production 1000s, Cheek again led Heger across the finish line, only a quarter-second ahead, with a fast lap of 45.566. Robby Hornsby (Yam) was third.

Corry Weller came in leading the LOORRS Turbo points over Anderson by 10, and she scored a 3-2-2 weekend at her home track. UTV Action will feature her Weller Racing X3 in the November 2020 issue.

Sunday, Anderson got even faster with his third Production Turbo win of the weekend and a fast lap of 44.342 seconds. Weller was second, 5.146 seconds behind Anderson, with Trey Gibbs (Pol) third. The Production 1000’s final main of the weekend brought out many cautions, but Cheek again dominated in his trick RS1 and led Heger across the line, winning by a third of a second, with Hornsby again third. Only seven of 15 1000s made all 12 laps due to crashes and crash damage.

Robert VanBeekum scored a third-place finish in Production Turbos on Saturday but had problems on Friday and Sunday.



Pro Turbo

1. Ronnie Anderson…Pol

2. Chance Haugen…Pol

3. Corry Weller…C-A

4. Trevor Leighton…Pol

5. Dan Kelly…C-A

6. Keith Brooks…C-A

7. James Maki…Pol

8. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

9. Robert VanBeekum…Pol

10. Trey Gibbs…Pol

Pro Stock

1. Myles Cheek…Pol

2. Brock Heger…Yam

3. Dallas Nord…Yam

4. Anthony Santos…Yam

5. Lance Root…Yam

6. Billy Nichols…Yam

7. Orion Rodriguez…Yam

8. Jim Price…Yam

9. James Jaramillo…Pol

10. Mark McCombs…Yam


Pro Turbo

1. Ronnie Anderson…Pol

2. Corry Weller…C-A

3. Robert VanBeekum…Pol

4. Chance Haugen…Pol

5. Trey Gibbs…Pol

6. Dan Kelly…C-A

7. James Maki…Pol

8. Trevor Leighton…Pol

9. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

10. Keith Brooks…C-A

Pro Stock

1. Myles Cheek…Pol

2. Brock Heger…Yam

3. Robby Hornsby…Yam

4. Lance Root…Yam

5. Orion Rodriguez…Yam

6. Anthony Santos…Yam

7. Billy Nichols…Yam

8. Dallas Nord…Yam

9. Jim Price…Yam

10. Jonathan Elkins…Yam


Pro Turbo

1. Ronnie Anderson…Pol

2. Corry Weller…C-A

3. Trey Gibbs…Pol

4. James Maki…Pol

5. Chelsea Haugen…Pol

6. Trevor Leighton…Pol

7. Chance Haugen…Pol

8. Dan Kelly…C-A

Pro Stock

1. Myles Cheek…Pol

2. Brock Heger…Yam

3. Robby Hornsby…Yam

4. Orion Rodriguez…Yam

5. Kenny Holt…Yam

6. Jim Price…Yam

7. James Jaramillo…Pol

8. Anthony Santos…Yam

9. Lance Root…Yam

10. Jonathan Elkins…Yam

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