Dear Sarge,

I have an Odyssey PC1200LMJT battery in my Polaris RZR XP 1000. It is about 18 months old. Well, last week we went camping and my kids left the stereo on all night and killed the battery. I removed the battery and took it to a friend’s house near by to charge it. His smart charger’s readout stated my battery was bad and it refused to charge it. He suggested I install a new battery in my RZR. With a new battery, the RZR would start on its own for the rest of the weekend, so the camping trip was saved. When we got home, I put my old Sears 6-amp charger on the battery, and it proceeded to charge the battery at a 1-amp rate. It took three days before the battery could be topped up with the smart charger. But, it did come back, and it does power my RZR just like new. So, battery saved, child punished; he washed and waxed my RZR! My question, Sarge, is why wouldn’t the new so-called smart charger charge my battery while my old Sears charger could?

Charlie Gilmore

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Private Fish Gill, your Polaris battery problems introduced to the wonders and the limitations of “new” technology! A new, so-called “smart” automatic charger has to analyze the condition of the battery being charged and then make a determination based on its built-in database how to proceed. With your battery completely flat, the static charge was most likely sub 8 volts, maybe as low as 6 volts. At that voltage level, the charger reads that battery as bad, whereas since your AGM battery was fairly new, it could be saved. However, the charger was pre-programmed to instruct its dumb human operator that 6–8 volts from a 12-volt battery is not enough to even bother attempting to charge. Your old Sears 6-amp charger is a “dumb” charger, so it will attempt to charge any battery connected to it. My advice, Boot, is never get rid of that dumb manual battery charger! Yes, you can have a smart automatic charger to top off a battery and drop into maintaining float mode so as to not over-charge a battery like a dumb charger can. But, always turn to the old tech manual battery charger when trying to resurrect a known good battery that has gone flat. Twenty-five push-ups for you, Boot, for not overseeing your recruits, and your kid can clean the mud from your Zooter’s tires with a toothbrush for the rest of the camping season! Dismissed!

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Dear Sarge,

We still have our old 2005 Polaris XP 700, and it is still in use on our farm. It has been good to us, and we have been good to it over the years. I am hoping you can help me find the “Grommet, Gear Shift” (P/N# 5412154). It is no longer available from Polaris, and any used ones I have ordered on eBay, the rubber is as hard as the one we have now. Do you have a source for a new one?

Mark and Tracy Williams

Morrison, Iowa

Boot and Bootette, I do not have a source for that discontinued part, nor could I find an aftermarket reproduction part. But, I can offer you a way to rejuvenate your old rubber part. Requisition a bottle of oil of wintergreen, aka ethyl salIcylate. Mix up a solution of three parts water to one part methyl salIcylate. Place the solution in an airtight container and drop your rubber grommet in. Leave it for four days. At the end of the fourth day, your rubber grommet will be noticeably softer and more pliable. Note that this condition is only temporary and reports of the softness lasting only for about nine months. Note that heating the water will cause the rubber to swell. Cold water takes longer, but the rubber shape and size is retained. Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

Initially, we were very happy with our purchase of our 2021 Landmaster 5W. It fetched and toted everything we needed around the farm. But, over the months of ownership, I have been having to deal with complaints from She who must be obeyed about the OEM bench seat. While easy to get in and out of, apparently it is too hard for some of us. I have searched the online accessories available for our 5W, and there is nothing about a better seat. A quick search for aftermarket seats turned up nothing, either. Short of an automotive upholstery shop, what do you suggest?

Larry and Tina Miller

Bouckville, New York

Private Millstone, while you are correct that a simple search inside the Landmaster accessory web page doesn’t turn up any seats, I suggest you re-do your search with the search terms of “Landmaster” and “deluxe seat” in your choice of web search engine. That will eventually take you to here: https://americanlandmaster.com/
deluxe-seat. Note that while the 19062-R is a lot of pay, Boot, at $650, it does solve her main complaint with your Zooter. What it looks like to me, Boot, is the standard bench seat is built to keep the final price below a number that the bean counters feel that they can sell units at. And for a measly $650 more, you can have a really nice seat. Making it so hard to find on their website almost says they really do not want to sell the upgraded seats! I will let you two decide who gives me the required PT for this valuable information. Dismissed!

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