Dear Sarge,

I have a 2020 Ranger XP 1000 with a strange Polaris clutch problem. When I decelerate and try to come to a stop, the Ranger keeps rolling. I feel like Fred Flintstone that I need to drag my feet to stop the machine. Full brakes lug the engine down, and most times the machine stops, and I can release the brakes. But, at other times, she just wants to keep rolling forward. Sarge, is there a reason my centrifugal clutch isn’t releasing? I had a local mechanic look at it, but he didn’t see anything and recommended to take it back to the selling dealer for warranty work. It is such a long haul back to my selling dealer, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction to fix it myself.

Jonas Dirksen

Pelkie, Michigan

Private Dirt, you should have listened to your mechanic. He was correct. You do need to return your Zooter to the motor pool. There is a “Stop Ride” order issued for your machine for the Polaris clutch problem you are experiencing. The drive-clutch stationary sheave was manufactured incorrectly, and this causes the drive belt to stay engaged after deceleration. Basically, Boot, the engine braking feature is staying engaged. You should have been notified by your motor pool to return the Zooter to them for refit. If you ignored this order, you are on report! If you haven’t received it, then contact your motor pool immediately and schedule a service. Do neither and you will be brought up on UCMJ Article 92 at “office hours”! You will come to know it as “ninja punched,” Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

My neighbor wants to get rid of a 2014 Polaris Ranger 400. It has a new belt (this year) and new tires (last year). I am looking for something to use for big-horn sheep-hunting. I don’t need anything fast, don’t intend to race anybody and am just looking for an easier way to get back into camp than walk the last half mile.

Larry Cox

Blackfoot, Idaho

Boot, I won’t even dignify a response on not walking the “last half mile”! However, with a new drive belt and tires, those are the main wear replaceable items. What accessories did your neighbor install over the years, Boot? Windshield? Roof? Winch? If nothing is broken, missing, bent, cut up, nothing squeaks or creaks, the engine doesn’t burn oil, and he doesn’t want a fortune, like under $4K; it should serve you nicely. So, Boot, I won’t make you do any hiking, but I do love push-ups—lots of them! Let’s start with 35 and work ourselves up to 50! Now, Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I have an ’06 Can-Am Outlander 800 XT. I purchased it used and have had good luck with it. Recently, I backed it out of the garage and was ready to load it onto the trailer. I dropped the tailgate and went to re-start the XT and nothing. Starter won’t spin. I have all the lights, and when I push the start button, you can hear the fuel pump engage, but I get absolutely nothing. No solenoid click, nothing. I tried to jump it, but it will not fire; I wiggled the kill switch multiple times and still nothing. Sarge, have you ever heard of this? My local mechanic hasn’t, and the dealer’s mechanic hasn’t, either. So, I don’t know where to turn, so I am asking you for advice and /or help.

Conrad Fields

High River, Alberta, Canada

Private Fieldstrip, you inadvertently provided Sarge with everything I need to diagnose your problem. Full electrical power, fuel pump engage, no electric starter, can’t jump-start the Zooter. Like most Can-Am UTVs and ATVs, your Can-Am has a coded electronic key that must engage multiple systems to allow you to start the Zooter. I suspect only part of the connections are being closed, such as panel lights, fuel pump, but not the electric starter and the ignition. I suggest you use your spare key, and I would bet your Zooter will fire right up. If you don’t have a spare key, the local motor pool will provide you with one for a hefty chunk of pay! Laugh, Boot! I also suggest you double time it down there and back, and your PT is done! Dismissed!

You can find Can-Am dealers near you here: https://can-am.brp.com/off-road/us/en/


Dear Sarge,

I have a 2016 Polaris Ranger 570 Crew that we use for BLM camping near Moab. It ain’t fast, but it gets us all there! Recently, we have been looking at a windshield and maybe a back glass, too. There are so many choices that we are confused. What do you recommend, Sarge?

Tony and Kathy Smith and the kids

Dove Creek, Colorado

Okay, Boot and Bootettes, I prefer either a tip-up windscreen or a vented unit to cut down on the cab vacuum that is created that will suck in all that fine Moab dust. You can also investigate the half screens. For the rear windscreen, I prefer a solid and not a vented screen, because a lot of dust is sucked back into the cab area from the rear. And, a solid windscreen will stop it dead. This fine rag recently did a huge  windshield buyer’s guide. It can be viewed here: https://utvactionmag.com/buyers-guide-windshields/ Moab area are using and, more important, why? See, Boot, I suspect it is the Bootettes that want the windscreens and not you. So, since I don’t Zooter with Bootettes, you might not want to take my word as gospel. Everybody needs to drop and collectively count off 50! Dismissed! 

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