While attending the 2022 Polaris UTV press introduction at ERX Park in Elk River, Minnesota, Polaris loaded the media on a bus and took us to a remote site for a secret demo. We were expecting a 72-inch Pro XP Turbo RZR, but Polaris unveiled its prototype 2022 EV Ranger with a Zero Motorcycles power train. Polaris acquired Zero Motorcycles almost a year ago, and the 10-year partnership with Polaris will develop, manufacture and sell electric vehicles using Zero’s technology across its entire product line as part of the “rEV’d up” program.

The EV Ranger prototype accelerated and slid more like a RZR than any Ranger, including the new Ranger 570 SP.


Polaris’ long-term electrification strategy that aims to offer electric vehicle options in all their core product categories by 2025, starting with off-road vehicles (ORV) and snowmobiles. This long-term strategic partnership will combine their revolutionary powertrains to empower products in two of Polaris’ most important categories with the first vehicle from the Zero-Polaris partnership debuting by the end of 2021.

Silence is golden, and the only thing you hear is a whine and the spinning of tires on dirt.


Polaris made good on that plan at ERX Park, debuting the “rEV’d up” EV Ranger, which was unloaded from a fifth-wheel trailer, strapped to the dually hauler, then it proceeded to tow the truck and trailer across a levee. Unhooked, the prototype EV Ranger then accelerated like a Pro XP Turbo across the levee and returned to show its off-road capabilities. Finally, the all-new EV Ranger showed its low-range and throttle-control capabilities by balancing on a teeter-totter.

Combining Zero’s revolutionary and proprietary Cypher Operating System, the modular, high-torque Z Force motors, the most compact and energy dense lithium ion battery packs from anyone in the world, and using the finest subsystems available; Zero Powertrains provide  electrified  propulsion for an infinite number of final product applications across a wide array of industries. The EV Ranger demonstration was very impressive, and we can’t wait to experience the production EV Ranger.

Performance is way beyond the existing EV Ranger, first introduced for model-year 2010. The 2021 EV Ranger has a 30-Hp, 48-Volt, AC-Induction motor and traditional lead-acid batteries, and it tows 1,500 pounds. The prototype EV Ranger tows at least three times that. The 2021 EV Ranger has 9 inches of travel and 10.5 inches of ground clearance. It has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 35-45 miles. The prototype Zero-based EV Ranger got up to at least 45 mph in the demonstration, so look out Bambi!

We’ll have to wait and see what the performance of the 2022 EV Ranger is and how much it will cost; the 2021 EV Ranger starts at $12,299.

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