Dear Sarge,

I have a 2017 Polaris General. Since new, there has been a low frequency rumble between about 25 and 40 mph. I also have a paint spray can rattle that seems to be intermittent. Polaris is telling me a noise is not a defect and the Dealer said they all do that because the drive shafts are not balanced. Sarge, can you balance the drive shafts to reduce or eliminate this annoying rumble? One final thing. How come your magazine didn’t report on this obviously prevalent problem?

Larry Vance

Logandale, Nevada

Another “They all do that”! Private Rancid. Yes,you can have the shafts dynamically balanced by a good automotive drive line shop but, A. it is expensive and B. it will not solve your POLARIS GENERAL DRIVESHAFT NOISE! Obviously you purchased one of the early “4” Zooters Boot! Remember Sarge’s axiom about never jumping on a new model. Let others figure out what is wrong with them, then purchase the “fixed” model, thus allowing you to ride more and wrench less! But since you ignored Sarge AND you Dealer doesn’t keep up with Optional Service Advisory recalls, (Ref. RSA-17-03, dated 12/22/2017) you didn’t receive the upgraded CV jointed drive line, replacing the U-jointed version. That upgrade will cure your Zooter’s rumble Boot! The propeller shaft is making the differential gears chatter which sounds like your “spray can rattle” because it’s not rotating w/o binding. Now, if you never brought this problem to Command (Dealer’s Service Department) they obviously were not pro-active enough to let you know the fix was a 2018 complete propeller shaft. FYI: The OSA expired back in November 2018. But I still want you to request from your Dealer the “Noise and/or Vibration Issue Questionnaire”. Fill it out and submit it to Polaris. If after the propeller shaft upgrade is done, you still have the noise problem, the front differential would need to be changed too. You can test for this yourself by disconnecting the front propeller shaft and a test ride will confirm whether your noise is propeller or differential. For reference Boot here are the 2018 Polaris General P/N’s that you need: #1333917, ASM-PROPSHAFT,FRONT & #1333918, ASM., PROPSHAFT, REAR. You need to get this problem rectified immediately! NOW BOOT! Then count off 50 for remaining silent! And my final thing Boot, not all 2017 General 4’s make the drive line noise. If ours didn’t then how can we report on something that never happened? Dismissed!

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