— A hot rod for the dirt —

The Polaris General is the right machine for many people. It’s a good all around UTV for general usage, but with a proper amount of RZR sportiness. Its 100 horsepower motor provides some spirited acceleration and its 13 inches of suspension travel allows it to cover rough terrain with impressive speed.

However, some people like to take a good thing and make it even better. And, the process may involve giving it a unique look from all the others. That was on the mind of Clif Richardson when he began a custom project on his 2017 General 1000 here.

He started off with a custom cage and 7 inch suspension lift kit from S3 Power Sports. At the four corners he mounted up some Exit Shocks and springs. Clif also went with S3 Power Sports’ bumpers front and rear.

The S3 Power Sports 7 inch lift kit for the Polaris General includes all new front and rear a-arms with high clearance lowers, all new steering components with huge 5/8″ heim joints, and all new front and rear axles. This kit requires no fabrication and comes with all the brackets and hardware for a full installation. This lift is engineered to have absolutely no CV binding, even at full droop and full steer of the suspension, to help prevent axle issues under any riding conditions. With the added lift, you are able to clear some of the largest ATV mud tires on the market with absolutely no rubbing, even at full steer. It includes custom length Titan axles and sells for $3,750.

Clif has 35 inch BKT tires mounted on 20 inch MSA wheels. The powder coating was handled by Loaded Motorsports. It has a HMF exhaust along with many other items to make this General what Clif wanted it to be.

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