Here is the new Lid Skins Notchback Roof Canopy for the Polaris General. The easy-to-install hardware system lets you fold the roof from either front or back and keep the ability to still tilt your General’s bed. The rear window unzips and rolls up out of the way revealing a Monster Mesh™ screen for huge amounts of ventilation.  Unzip the Monster Mesh™ screen and access all your gear in a moment.

This Notchback convertible roof transforms your General® into a cargo hauling, gear protecting animal.  We paid very close attention to detail when it comes to style.  We wanted to ensure that your canopy roof doesn’t look like an afterthought, but rather a complement and enhancement to the UTV you own.  And it certainly does.  Totally transforms the look of your General®, giving it some serious off-road prowess.

Easy and fast to install.  There are no holes to drill, nothing to glue or tape, everything mounts to your General® with our innovative mounting hardware kit.  It takes about 15 minutes to install it the first time.  Thanks to our heavy duty and extremely rugged frame system that supports the entire roof system, it can be put up or down by anyone in less than 2 minutes!

One of the most innovative features of the Lid Skins™ is the convertibility of the system.  Unlike any other aluminum, plastic, or fabric roof top, the system is retractable, (like a convertible top on a car), not only that, but retractable in the field during your ride.  You can keep the system up for shade, or weather protection, and down on days when you want the sun, achieving that “open top” feel.  Because of its innovative design, when the system is down, it rests around the parameter of the bed of your UTV but does not fill up the bed.  Fill the bed up with gear not the the canopy system.

The system also encloses the rear cargo bed, keeping your gear safe and protected from dust, rain, mud, snow, sand, and other elements Mother Nature may decide to throw your way.  On days when you need to ride in harsh weather pick up our upper door system that works in conjunction with the roof system.

PRICE: $699.95 — The system is complete with the canopy, mounting hardware, canopy frame, and rear folding canopy stays.

For more info > https://www.quadragear.com/products/polaris-general-lid-skins-notchback-canopy-roof




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