Dear Sarge,

I recently purchased a leftover 2021 Polaris General XP4 Deluxe Demo model. It was mainly used for customer demo rides and had less than 200 miles on her. The Dealer stated they would perform a service on her to make her “just like new” for me, consisting of engine oil, transmission oil, oil filter, new sparkplugs and they would examine the drive belt for wear. So far so good. I drove it pre-“just like new” service and I was happy with it. Now I would be able to take the whole family with me on rides. (Something my old RZR 800 couldn’t do. Well when I got her home, as I drove it off the trailer, she was blowing blue smoke (my 4 yr old daughter said it was sad smoke!) I checked the machine over for spilled oil on the exhaust but the “sad” blue smoke was coming from the exhaust. Eventually I discovered the oil level was way over filled and the air filter was saturated and the air box had a good quantity of oil in it. Apparently whoever serviced my General at the Dealer just dumped 3 quarts of oil in and called it good! I called the Dealer and complained. All I got was a sorry and if I came back in, I would receive a new air filter to replace the oil soaked one. Sarge, you would think a Dealer would know how to change the oil on a vehicle that they sell!

Danny Harris

Newfield, New York

Private Hairy,

This doesn’t surprise me at all! See at most Dealers, the oil change Motor Pool Monkey is the lowest trained person on site. They are not qualified to diagnose or repair Zooters. Just do final assembly and change oil. That’s it! And I am guessing your Dealer uses quarts of oil and not from a drum. Therefore because your Zooter requires 2.5 quarts of oil and the Motor Pool Monkey had to open 3 quarts, you got all 3 quarts! The logic with them is “If a little oil is good, a lot is gooder”! While I doubt it will do any good, you could refer the Motor Pool Monkey to the official Polaris oil change how to here as a refresher! https://general.polaris.com/en-us/self-help/article/KA-01962/. Laugh Boot! I would also check the transmission oil levels too. Basically anything he may have touched! Good catch on your part Boot, before you Zooter blew out an oil seal! Dismissed!

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