Dear Sarge,

I have a 2020 Polaris General that is really fun to drive—when it starts. However, if you shut her off anywhere, it may or may not restart. Hot or cold doesn’t seem to make a difference. My Dealer is stumped as to why this is happening. The ECU has been replaced as well as the coil and sparkplugs. The fuel rail has been cleaned and the injectors have been tested. I am hoping you can finally come up with some solution for these Polaris General starting problems.

Zack Olson

Pickerel, Wisconsin

Private Old Son,

I can come up with many reasons why your Zooter fails to start. However, assuming your local Motor Pool is reasonably incompetent, and your “Parts Replacer” saddled you with a list of unnecessary new parts, what comes to my mind is one of the so called “safety” interlocks that must be disengaged when starting your Zooter. The next time this no start situation happens, check to see if you have any brake lights when you depress the brake pedal. If you do not, then look at the master cylinder pressure switch. Check for corrosion on the connector. Jumper the connector and see if the Zooter starts up. If so, then you need to replace the master cylinder pressure switch. Boot, you need to be placed on report for letting them drain your wallet! However, I will get more satisfaction watching you count off 50! Send me the video Boot! Dismissed!

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