Polaris Gifts Winning Beach Patrol Team a 2018 GENERAL

Ocean City Beach Patrol were the proud winners as they proved to have the speed, strength and skill to conquer the ever-increasing winds and waves to swim, sprint, and paddle the fastest. The victory solidified New Jersey’s dominance in Red Bull Surf + Rescue, securing a Jersey win every year since the competition’s inception. “It felt good to be the champions this year. We train hard and often in these conditions because we work the beach everyday”, said Maggie Wallace, Ocean City Beach Patrol Competitor. “We’ve seen it before and know how to navigate it.”

The Ocean City patrol took home bragging rights as the strongest patrol and as such, were awarded a 2018 Polaris® GENERAL® 4 1000. This machine embodies the athletes and teams competing for it. With the hardworking heart of a RANGER® and the performance of a RZR®, this vehicle will enhance surf and rescue teams. They can now boost their beach coverage, and allow beach goers the added confidence to enjoy their adventure.

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