Dear Sarge,

Back in 2018, we received the  Polaris military RZT “Marine Utility Task Vehicles” and we have been using them in Australia since. It is my understanding that we will be getting new improved Utility Task Vehicles to solve some of the problems we have experienced. Do you know what has been fixed and what has been ignored? I am sure you have access to most everything available and we were just wondering what helmet do you prefer to wear, because we have a pool going in our unit as to which helmet you prefer?

CPL. Dennis Thompson

Marine Rotational Force, Darwin,Northern Territory

Boot, you are correct. The Polaris MRZR-D2 & D4 Zooters procured, in some ways, simply didn’t cut it for Marine use! Because you Boots insist on hitting every rock you can see, and some you can’t, high clearance A-arms will be installed. The plastic floorboards will be upgraded to aluminum to prevent punctures (again from you Boots hitting everything you see). Polaris is stepping up with an upgraded clutch kit. All the Zooters will be fitted with upgraded BF Goodrich tires and these tires will be fitted with 16 Tireballs to prevent flats. Polaris will also be providing an “environmental protection cover,” (read as a roof) to each Zooter. Each Zooter will also get a kit containing turn signals, a horn and a rearview mirror for road marches. As to your last question Boot, yes I have tested many helmets. Some I like and some I don’t. If I have a rapid deployment, I would go old school with a PASGT style, LWH, 1st Gen., upgraded with the PASGT Parachutist (PIL) Foam Impact Liner. Not the answer you wanted Boot?! You asked and I answered! You and your platoon can count off 25 for each question!

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