Every once in a while, we bump into Polaris test engineers out testing the latest vehicles. When we see one, we are reminded to visit the Polaris government and defense website to see what else they have been providing to our freedom fighters. Since day one when we laid eyes on the Sportsman MV, we’ve always wished Polaris would offer a civilian version to the public and the Polaris MRZR Alpha is no different. You can drool over all Polaris military vehicles at their website www.military.polaris.com

Check out some of the specs of the Polaris MRZR Alpha

  • Common Rail Turbo Diesel Engine 
  • 12″ Ground Clearance @GVW
  • 32″ Front and Rear Tires
  • Internal Air Transport and Sling Load Capable
  • 225 mile range
  • 1400lb (2000lb 4-seat)  payload capacity
  • 5 lug wheels
  • 8-speed transmission

According to the Polaris website The MRZR Alpha’s versatility is further enhanced by expanded exportable power and increased payload. Since their introduction, MRZRs have been outfitted with counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS), direct-fire weapons, high-energy laser systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, tactical aviation ground refueling system, expeditionary command and control systems, autonomy packages, litters for casualty evacuation and communication equipment.

 The MRZR Alpha maintains internal air transport requirements and adds helicopter sling load capability necessary for expeditionary forces. Internally transportable vehicles have restrictions to size and weight, but Polaris’ investment and advances in chassis, driveline, suspension, and other technologies have allowed the company to provide a new level of capability in the MRZR Alpha within the footprint of a V-22 transportable vehicle.

Note: You must be a government or military purchasing agent or representative to purchase Polaris Government & Defense products. If you are a Polaris consumer or are inquiring about a Polaris product for private use, please visit the corporate site at www.polaris.com and select a brand to learn more.

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