Dear Sarge,

I have a Polaris Ranger with a 3” lift kit. After chores are done I like to go muddin’ out back and my father is completely against mud riding because he says it tears up the Rangers. He says that when an UTV is in deep water or mud the water gets into the “bearings and seals” and that is what causes damage. I still go in the mud anyway because I like it!. Sarge, I thought the oil seal’s job was to keep the oil in and the mud and water out. I submerged mine a lot and I never had any signs of water going past the seals.

Sam Netto

Marble Falls, Texas

Private Netflix, I side with your father on this one Boot! Bearing seals were never designed to be fully waterproof. Dirt mixed with water creates a grinding compound that works its way through the rubber seal lips and into any moving parts and destroys the interiors. Cleaning your Zooter after each ride, especially with a pressure washer, actually can force dirty water past the bearing seals. Since you obviously will not listen to authority, (especially when they are right!) I will show you a way to extend the life of your bearings. Every other ride grease all fittings with a waterproof grease. This will keep water from getting into the bearings because there will be no room inside the bearings for the water. Wheel hubs should be disassembled and the inner seals on the bearings removed, the hub tapped for a Zerk fitting and the hub reassembled. Now fill the hub with grease until it just starts to blow out the outer seals. Again we have removed all interior space for water to enter. All the ball joints can be carefully drilled and Zerk’d too. Will this mean you will have no failures in the future? Absolutely not Boot! But what you have done is increased the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). If you choose to ignore Sarge, your MTTR (look it up!) will increase significantly and your wallet will be considerably lighter! I am sure that any recruit that likes mud as much as you do will “enjoy” doing 25 pushups in your mud hole “out back” Boot! Dismissed!

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