The lightweight Polaris Northstar Soft-Sided Cooler is perfect for road trips, sporting events, camping, or on a weekend with the family. It holds 20 quarts of anything you want to keep cool or warm and features a convenient shoulder strap and zipper top. It conforms to available storage space and when empty, it collapses easily to save space. The attractive Graphite color goes with any machine and hides dirt. Handles wrap around the cooler for extra strength for heavy loads. A shoulder strap frees hands to carry other supplies. Tie down rings make it easy to secure. Zipper top for easy access. Small zippered side compartment keeps small items separate and easy to find. It’s $159.99 from your Polaris dealer or https://rzr.polaris.com

Polaris also offers soft and hard cooler in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs.

See a Polaris General prepped for overlanding here: https://utvactionmag.com/fuel-overland-polaris-general-rig/

About Polaris:

How we got our start?

From our entrepreneurial roots as a mechanical shop in northern Minnesota, we’ve grown into a global leader with more than 30 brands and multiple services responsible for the company’s growth into a major influencer on powersports and beyond.

What makes our product unique?

We make high-quality, breakthrough products and work to broaden the view of powersports. We helped pioneer the snowmobile industry, reinvented the ATV category, introduced the concept of a recreational side-by-side vehicle, and developed a radical 3-wheel moto roadster.

Why we love what we do?

We lead a business driven by innovation. Whether on the sand, snow, water, dirt or road, we believe in pioneering new and better ways to help people experience the outdoors to the fullest.

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