Polaris recently announced that Chris Musso will be the new president of the Polaris ORV division on November 6, 2018. The self proclaimed off-road enthusiast has an impressive pedigree and should prove to be a formidable asset to the ORV team.

Musso holds a doctorate in technology, management, and policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and master’s degrees in materials science, business administration and technology policy, also from MIT, where he served as a Leaders for Manufacturing Fellow. He earned his bachelor’s degree in manufacturing from Brigham Young University. In addition, Musso is the author of several papers on materials engineering and product innovation and holds a U.S. patent for metal matrix composite technology.

For nearly two decades, Musso has been helping companies drive growth through product and competitive strategy. Most recently, he was a senior partner and leader of McKinsey & Company’s Americas Product Development group, where he focused on helping clients pursue growth through enhancing their product development and innovation strategies. Musso also was the founding partner for McKinsey’s Denver office and built it into one of their fastest-growing locations. Prior to his time at McKinsey, Musso spent five years leading a small engineering and modeling consultancy.

CEO Scott Wine stated “Having witnessed the intense drive and competitiveness that Chris brings to business and operational challenges, I am confident he is the right leader for this key part of our Polaris portfolio. Chris has helped numerous companies, ranging from the automotive and outdoor recreation industries to the chemicals sector, spur growth and increase productivity. That ability, along with his strategic vision, product development expertise, and understanding of how Polaris operates, will be a tremendous asset to the entire organization.”

In the highly competitive and ever changing world of off road sports it is  constant battle to see who can be bigger and better with new ideas. We can’t wait to see what Musso has in the works for Polaris. With his background in engineering and product development we can’t help but wonder if he will bring game changing ideas to the already top notch vehicle lineup.

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