Polaris Pro HD 4500 Winch

With auto stop and rapid rode recovery

The latest product Polaris just launched will change the winching industry. The Polaris Pro HD 4500 Winch is the first of its kind with Rapid Rope Recovery and Auto Stop technology. Here’s the feature we did on the Polaris Pro HD Winch for a recent issue of UTV Action Magazine.

WHAT IS IT:  A synthetic rope (50’) equipped 4500-pound capacity winch that comes pre installed on a mounting plate and has the electrical box pre wired and connected to the winch plate too.

WHAT DOES IT FIT: The 2018-2019 Ranger XP 1000 with options for many other newer Polaris ATV’s and UTVs. A heavy duty 6000-pound winch is available as well as a 3500 pound winch for ATV’s.

PERFORMANCE: For this install, all you have to do is remove the front bumper (4 bolts), hang the winch plate/motor assembly on the frame and then secure it in place with four supplied bolts. The winch plate literally hangs in place while you tighten the bolts saving you from having to call in help or fuss with heavy objects, small bolts and wrenches at the same time. It looks like someone in the product development department, took a cue from the assembly line guys. This is by far the simplest winch install we have ever done. The Ranger XP 1000 is pre wired for this winch. So, to complete the hook up, all you have to do is connected the controller leads into the wires in the stock harness which bring them up to the dash. There you can connect the wireless remote control box. You do have to route the positive and negative cable to the battery but that is only a few feet away right under the hood. The directions that Polaris supplies are straightforward and simple as well.

WHAT ELSE:  Another unique feature of the Polaris Pro 4500 HD Winch is Rapid Rope Recovery. To use it, all you have to do is turn a dial on the winch motor to access a quicker gear,  that allows the rope to spool or unspool up to five times faster than normal. The feature is meant to be used unloaded. If you do have weight on it, the winch will just bog down quicker. Finally, the winch is equipped with Auto Stop technology. That means the fairlead of this winch has a sensor on it that will stop the winch from winding up when the hook gets close. This is a nice safety feature especially since the winch winds up so quickly.

THE VERDICT:  If you bought one of the new Ranger XP 1000’s and haven’t installed a winch yet, you must consider the Polaris Pro HD 4500 or 6000 pound rated Winch first. It’s available at your local Polaris dealer.


CONTACT: www.polaris.com

RATING: *****

PRICE: $849.99

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