Dear Sarge,

My Polaris Ranger seems to be possessed at times. On normal rides, the machine occasionally turns on the overheat fan and the temperature gauge goes from the normal temperature to pegged and then to zero. Then the Check Engine light comes on. I thought I had a short in either the fan switch or the Temperature gauge. But neither showed any problem. Can you shed some light on this Polaris Ranger overheat warning due to the distances involved in getting factory authorized service?

Bill Peterson

Alice Springs, NT. Australia

Private Peter Pan, you didn’t provide Sarge with the computer diagnostic code of the problem. If you had bothered to help with the code it would have been engine code 0 110 3. That usually indicates the ECT, or Engine Coolant Temp Sensor, voltage is too high and you most likely need to replace the sensor. However, to rule out other components Boot, disconnect the plug to the ECT, start the Zooter and the fan should turn on within a few seconds and the check engine light will illuminate. If this happens then everything else is working properly. With an open to the sensor, the fan defaults to on as a fail safe to prevent engine overheating. Additionally, you can test the ECT with an OHM meter. You should get about 29.9 kOhms +/- 6% at 77F or in your case 25C! I have been assuming, given where you live, that you already have a Factory Service Manual. In case you do not (and why don’t you Boot? here it is: https://www.911manual.com/polaris-atv-repair-manuals/. The part needed is a “Sensor-Thermister”. I don’t have access to the AU part number but the US part number is 4010644. So Boot, does your Zooter have “Roo Bars”? Laugh Boot! Dismissed!

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