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Sedona, Arizona, is a very popular vacation destination that is surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, cliff dwellings, petroglyphs and pine forests. At 4,350 feet of elevation, it has a mild climate and vibrant arts community with shops, spas and art galleries. Sedona is famous with New Agers for its spiritual vortexes, including magnetic, electrical, and balanced vortexes. There are even vortex tour companies in Sedona, but we went there for a different kind of spiritual adventure, one behind the wheel of a Polaris UTV. Sedona ATV & Buggy Rentals is one of Polaris Adventures’  larger vendors, and the Polaris Red Rock Adventure company is unique.

There are two locations, and Sedona ATV does 80 to 150 rentals a day, so book early. They stopped renting ATVs this past winter and solely rent UTVs and Slingshots. Once units have 5000 miles on them, they’re returned and sold.
While we were there, we saw several couples renting various UTVs for romantic adventures in red-rock country. Sedona ATV is also opening rental shops in Mund Park near Flagstaff and New River near Phoenix.


Instead of regimented rides with guides and sweeps, Sedona ATV helps customers create their own adventures and ride at their own pace. Sedona is surrounded by several trails that access Red Rock State Park, and it’s like a miniature Bryce Canyon National Park. Patrons can rent an RZR XP or XP 4, RS1, Ace, General, or Ranger XP Crew, and rentals include fuel, a cooler with ice and bottled water, helmets, goggles, and maps. Adventurers ride right out of one of two locations in Sedona, as all UTVs are licensed for the street. Each machine is equipped with a tablet loaded with every trail, plus adventurers get a flip book with photos and descriptions of every intersection going to and on the trails so they can take a half day to see the sights and experience the red-rock trails or linger and make it a full day.

Digital tablets show all area trails and attractions, and each vehicle gets a photo book with turn-by-turn instructions. The tablet shows GPS coordinates in case renters need assistance on trails.
Renters travel wherever they want at their own pace, and the UTVs have taller tires with more sidewall and shocks set on full soft for better ride quality on the rocky trails.

We arranged to rent an RS1 and General 1000, and Operations Manager Brian Carstens accompanied us on our Red Rock Adventure. First, we rode through downtown Sedona and headed south to the Broken Arrow Trail to check out the Chicken Point overlook. Then we backtracked through town to check out the trails northwest of Sedona and the Palatki Heritage Site cliff dwellings and petroglyphs. One could spend the whole day or a few days in this area exploring the many two-track trails west and north of Sedona. It’s spectacular!

Sedona ATV has 140 Polaris rental units, and all are registered for the street, so there is no trailering involved. Rentals are accessorized with roofs, half windscreens, GPS tablets and Sedona Rockabilly tires for a more comfortable adventure.
Sedona ATV is one of Polaris Adventures’ premier outfitters. We checked out the Red Rock Adventures this spring. Enthusiasts could spend weeks exploring the many trails around Sedona. Sedona ATV & Buggy Rentals started out with Tomcars.

Since you will be driving on streets, renters need a valid driver’s license and must be at least 18 years old. Basic insurance is included in rentals, but patrons can purchase premium insurance. Bring your own riding gear if you like, and a camera and binoculars are also a good idea. Have fun and tell them UTV Action magazine sent you!


Ace 570 $199/$349

RZR RS1 $399/$625

General 1000 $299/$525

RZR XP 900 $350/$575

RZR XP 4 900 $399/$625

RZR XP 4 1000 $499/$725

Ranger XP1K Crew $449/$749


Sedona ATV & Buggy Rentals

2740 W. State Route 89A

Sedona, AZ 86336

(928) 204-0000





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