Down in the soggy bottoms you regularly see RZRs that have been lifted up with larger mud tires added. Whether two-seaters or four-seaters, these monster RZRs have been a common sight out in the mud. So, it was just a matter of time when the new single-seater Polaris RZR would get the same treatment. What we have here is one of the first mud RS1s we’ve seen. Woods Cycle Country in Texas was responsible for its build.

To get it raised up for high water it has a S3 8″ lift kit, with 37″ BKT tires mounted on custom 22″ JTX wheels, which required a gearing reduction.

It has a custom Loaded Motorsports cage with a clear lexan roof and 20″ LED light bar.

The stock RS1 doors have been replaced with Star Fab full doors. To hold the driver snug it has a PRP WC3 custom seat. As usual, there is a fair amount of custom paint and powder coating throughout.

So, what do you think? Would you love to go blasting across deep mud holes in this baby?



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